Jessica Simpson Defends Dad’s Double D’s Comment

The Sun reports isn’t bothered by her dad’s excitement over her “double-D’s!” and insisted sexual talk is just the norm in the Simpson household. Asked if she was embarrassed by her dad’s comments, Jessica replied, “No. I’ve had double D’s for a long time. Are you kidding? No.” The singer added: “My family is extremely close. I talk to my mum about my sex life. That’s not something that creeps me out. We’re Podunk Southern. My dad is very open about his ideas and it’s disgusting that people are making a judgment on something that is false.”

On ‘Studio 60’?

October 22, 2006 – Life & Style reports that is set to guest star as the musical guest on ‘Studio 60’ in an episode to air in November. Simpson reportedly hopes the appearance will jump-start sales of her new album ‘A Public Affair.’ But the singer’s reps tell TMZ it is a “false rumor.”

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