Jessica Simpson Dines At Mexicali Cocina Cantina

was photographed outside one of her favorite restaurants, Mexicali Cocina Cantina in Studio City over the weekend. Check out pictures from X17.

A Quieter Thanksgiving This Year For

November 10, 2006 – tells People that this Thanksgiving, like last year’s when she made the announcement she was divorcing Nick Lachey, will be spent with family in Texas. “I’m going to Waco with my family,” Simpson said. “I look forward to just seeing my grandparents and giving them a big hug and cooking with my grandma and my family. And just kind of being normal for a little bit.”

Jessica Simpson’s Blind Web Date Ends Up Being A Male Prostitute?

November 8, 2006 – Australia’s New Weekly magazine reports that Jessica Simpson’s try to find a man with the internet led to the star going on a disastrous date with a mystery man who turned out to be a male escort. “Jessica logged on [to an Internet matchmaking service] to find company,” revealed a friend. “She found a picture of a guy in LA she thought was ideal. They arranged to meet, but when she turned up, she found out the sad truth he was only interested in a ‘professional transaction’. The guy turned out to be a male escort.”

Jessica Simpson Seeks Holistic Help

October 28, 2006 – Jessica Simpson is seeing a holistic specialist in Los Angeles to deal with her food allergies, an insider tells the National Enquirer. The singer had earlier sought the alternative treatment after feeling down and lacking energy following her split from Nick Lachey. “Now, when it comes to dealing with her food allergies, Jessica prefers a holistic healer over her conventional doctor,” the source said.

Jessica Simpson Leaving Soolip

October 23, 2006 – After Jessica Simpson was videotaped leaving Soolip Paperie and Press in West Hollywood, one of the waiting paparazzi backed a little too close to an oncoming bus. Jessica said to look out and another paparazzo yelled to ‘Watch the bus!’. She giggled a little then climbed into her Range Rover before driving off. Footage at requires an account.

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    She eats ? Does she crap too? And I don’t mean her “Music”

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