Jessica Simpson Discussed On CNN’s ‘American Morning’

Humorist Andy Borowitz, Toure of Rolling Stone magazine, and B.J. Sigesmund of Us Weekly were on CNN on Monday as part of ‘American Morning’ 90-Second Pop, Culture Watch. The subject, ’s deal with ABC to star in a TV series. Borowitz said, “Well, apparently the buzz is she’s going to play a 23- year-old woman who forgets her lines and walks into walls. That’s what I think is the concept.” Toure added, “I think this is the perfect neo-Marilyn. She’s, like, blond. She’s a little stupid. She’s cute with the whole.” Sigesmund pointed out, “There’s another show, too. Hillary Duff is getting a reality show on a different network. It’s like there’s a new stage parent out there, the mother of a pop star who can get her kid a reality show.” Read more.

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2 thoughts on “Jessica Simpson Discussed On CNN’s ‘American Morning’

  1. Cicero says:

    ‘neo-Marilyn’? yeah right. and she’s gonna play a ditz on TV. again. except this time she can blame it on the script.

  2. famefan says:

    We’ve heard all this BS from Jessica before. She has been claiming that she is filming a movie every January since 1999 but the only movie she was actually in was Master of Disguise for 3/4 of a second. What ever happened to the clothing line she was supposed to put out? the make up? that mother/daughter copy of Britney’s mother/daughter book? that other show for the WB about her life???? Jessica’s PR people know that if they make it SEEM like Jessica is in demand MAYBE someone will be dumb enough to believe it and actually hire her for something! All of this campaigning for the I Dream of Jeannie role and now a sitcom is pathetic and career suicide. Producers don’t like to be pressured into hiring anybody certainly not no talent, liposuctioned, capped toothed, illiterate, washed up pseudo pop stars whose only accomplishments to date are named right and left (boob that is)!

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