Jessica Simpson Distancing Herself From Meddling Dad

When consulted her father Joe about having children with hubby , that was the last straw for the singer, and now Jessica is taking steps to distance herself professionally from her meddling pop. “Both Nick and Jessica want a family, but Joe’s been dead set against it at this stage of their careers,” a friend told Star magazine. “He told Jessica, ‘You’ve got plenty of time before you start tying yourself down.’ Nick was outraged that Joe was involved in the discussion of when they should have children, – and he told Jessica so.” The insider added, “Nick and Jessica are really in love and both would do anything to make the marriage work. All they need now is for Joe Simpson to let them have their own lives and their own happiness.” Simpson now is looking for someone to handle management of her film career, while Joe will continue to handle her singing duties.

Jessica Simpson Meets Her Soap Opera Hero

January 23, 2005 – Us Weekly reports that Jessica Simpson met her television idol at Jinky’s Cafe in Los Angeles. “Excuse me, Do you play Roxy on ‘On eLive To Live’?,” Simpson asked Ilene Kristen, who nodded yes. “You’re my absolute favorite! Can I have your autograph?” Kristen signed for the happy ‘Newlyweds’ star.

Dad’s Hardball Costs Jessica Simpson Dearly

January 17, 2005 – The Las Vegas Review Journal reports that spies say an off-Strip hotel offered Jessica Simpson more than $20 million guaranteed for a 30 week concert run, with five performances per week. The deal fell through when her father insisted on $1 million a week, and some now wonder if she regrets her father playing hardball.

Jessica Simpson Sues Inspired Silver

January 16, 2005 – ‘Celebrity Justice’ reports Jessica Simpson is suing jewelry company Inspired Silver for trademark infringement, alleging use of her name and likeness to sell their products without her permission.

Mom Gave Jessica Simpson Nightly Leg Stretches

January 2, 2005 – BANG Showbiz reports that Jessica Simpson’s mother used to pull the singer’s legs every night, worrying that they were too short. “My mom was so worried that because of my long body and dwarf legs, I would grow up looking strange,” Simpson revealed. “So every night, before I went to bed, she would pull them and stretch them so they would be in proportion with the rest of my body!”

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6 thoughts on “Jessica Simpson Distancing Herself From Meddling Dad

  1. astrange1 says:

    What the heck!! It isn’t just her dad!!! OMG, Mommy’s a pervert too!!! This whole family is sick!!

  2. Berrylicious says:

    Ok, tell me how she thinks stretching her legs will make them get longer that would only stretch the muscles not the bones…crimany

  3. popmaster167 says:

    Good, having families involved in your careers like that is just recipe for disaster.

  4. popdirt says:

    Nick shouldn’t have been outraged that she talked to her dad about it, that is something you talk to your parents about. But she does need to distance herself from him he’s costing her some good deals, she could’ve mad 20 million in Vegas but oh no, he demanded 30 then they took back the deal. And it is early and probably bad career-wise to start having kids now, now that her career has just started going really good.

  5. PandaBear2003 says:

    This is STAR magazine as the source, why are you all so fast to believe it? Besides one MAJOR fact was left out, JOE spoke to the magazine and was quoted as stating this is NOT TRUE, that Jessica is not looking for a new manager that he, will continue to manage BOTH singing and acting careers. Besides who’d want to manage her acting anyway, she’s worse as that than singing and her singing is pretty horrible these days.

  6. BLUEGEMINI7 says:

    Mr. Simpson will never allow Jessica to have kids let alone lose control over her. He’ll be managing her career until the day he dies!!

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