Jessica Simpson Enjoys ‘Puppetry Of The Penis’

Star magazine reports that while Nick Lachey was watching a striptease show from Jessica Jaymes several weeks ago for Sean Sullivan’s bachelor party, the 98 Degrees singer’s wife Jessica Simpson was enjoying a ‘Puppetry of the Penis’ show with Sullivan’s now wife, Jennifer. Simpson howled and giggled as two naked men twisted their privates into “fruit bats” and “turtles.”

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2 thoughts on “Jessica Simpson Enjoys ‘Puppetry Of The Penis’

  1. clayfan says:

    ‘Puppetry Of The Penis’ has been a very popular show, so no wonder Jessica’, ‘and her friend went to see it. It’s hilarious!! It’s pretty nonsexual after the first few minutes. Then it’s just funny, and only slightly pain-inducing. My favorite was the Eiffel Tower!

  2. 513hotgirl says:

    “twisted their privates into “fruit bats” and “turtles.”” That is nasty! How do you even discover that you have that talent?

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