Jessica Simpson Featured In Blender Magazine

is the covergirl in the new issue of Blender magazine. The singer addresses how Paris Hilton has managed to ride the coattails of her blonde ditz trademark. “They home in on my ditzy side, and that’s cool with me,” she says. “I’m cool with being a ditz. The thing I’ve learned is, it pays off to be myself – letting my guard down, letting them totally into my life.”

Second Singles Doing Well For Britney And Jessica

February 6, 2004 – Contributed by pinky411:

The new Billboard album chart was just updated and Britney Spears ‘In the Zone’ moved up to number 6 in its 11th week on the chart. Jessica Simpson’s album ‘In This Skin’ has moved up to number 17 on Billboard’s Hot 200. The increase in album sales has likely been because of their surprise hit makers ‘With You’ and ‘Toxic’. ‘With You’ was at number 24 last week and stays at number 24 this week. ‘Toxic’ moved up from number 36 to number 29. 7 spots closer to number 1 than ‘Me Against the Music’ ever even got.

Jessica Simpson’s Super Bowl Prediction

February 2, 2004 – Craig Kilborn joked during his Late Late Show monologue on Friday night, “Everyone is making their predictions on the game. says, ‘The Patriots in four straight’…. Do you wonder if Michael Jackson goes to prison, will he walk backwards in the shower?”

Dines With Parents But Without Nick

February 2, 2004 – The Boston Herald reports Jessica Simpson, her parents and bodyguard – but no hubby Nick Lachey of 98 Degrees – were spotted having dinner at O’Rourke’s Steakhouse in Houston.

Britney Spears And Jessica Simpson Album Sales Rise

January 28, 2004 – According to sales figures reported by, this week, despite a sales increase of 13%, Britney Spears, will remain out of the top 10. Coming in at #11 ‘In The Zone’ managed to sell a reported 55,771 copies. Also, Jessica Simpson jumps up 4 spots to #17 thanks to the increased popularity of her album, ‘In This Skin’, which experienced a 21% sales boost and sold a reported 41,150 copies this week.

Jessica Simpson’s Super Bowl Commercial

January 28, 2004 – Contributed by ballersfantasy:

Entertainment Tonight was on the set of Jessica Simpson’s first-ever commercial, for Pizza Hut, which is set to air Super Bowl Sunday. Jessica revealed what happens in the commercial: “The concept is very cute. The Muppets are fighting and I’m trying to calm everybody down with this amazing new pizza from Pizza Hut called the ‘Four-For-All.” When asked how she felt about doing the commercial she said: “It’s very cool and Pizza Hut is the best and the Muppets are an American icon. I’ve watched them since I was young and Miss Piggy is in a cute little ‘Juicy’ sweatsuit and has bling-bling so it’s fun! I like her attitude!” So who will the reality diva be rooting for come Sunday? In true “Jessica-ism” fashion, she admitted: “I don’t have a preference, I’d have to look at their uniforms and tell you what color I like best!” Jessica is also performing as part of the MTV TRL special at the Super Bowl on CBS.

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3 thoughts on “Jessica Simpson Featured In Blender Magazine

  1. rachel says:

    what happened to being like Michelle Branch and the old Jewel, I guess that is out of the window. Yeah right, she loves the attention thus she is going to continue to sell her nasty ass.

  2. BadAss4Backstreet says:

    Oh, see, I think she’s absolutely gorgeous, and she looks great in several of those shots! I like the part about Walker, Texas Ranger…that was pretty good. Nick is so funny. She’s right….it pays to be yourself, and I’m glad that she IS being herself. (Granted, I don’t like when a person is a *****, but if that’s THEM, then by all means…. But Jessica is NOT a *****!!) I just adore Jess….she’s great!

  3. PandaBear2003 says:

    These are trashy and in poor taste. But then again this IS Jessica, who INSISTS on showing off the BOOBS she says she wants to be smaller because EVERYBODY stares at them and she freaking looks like Britney in TWO of them but then Jessica can NEVER be herself she HAS to be every other person who HAS talent and HAS a career. Jessica is NOT as big as she and daddy think. Her album is DROPPING again on billboard and hey did you SEE the post that just mentioned NICK attending an event on the 7th and Jessica was NEVER MENTIONED ON THIS site and was there NOR was she even MENTIONED at wireimage. And I see she wasn’t even invited to the after Grammy party by HER OWN LABEL! What a slam in the face and its about DAMN TIME TOO!

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