Jessica Simpson Giving Daisy Dukes A Comeback

Jessica Simpson in a tanktop

Delaney Dunn Dichoso, co-owner of Brown Eyes boutique in Rice Village, tells the Houston Chronicle that the Daisy Duke shorts wears in ‘The Dukes Of Hazzard’ are giving young women a fun way to show off this summer. “Jessica Simpson is certainly helping to make Daisy Dukes, especially denim ones, popular again,” Dunn Dichoso says. “This is the summer for the Daisy Dukes. It’s a fun and sexy look, and if you can pull it off, it works.”

Separate Drinks Confuse

August 3, 2005 – A spy at Mexicali restaurant in Studio City, California tells Star magazine that when Jessica Simpson was there with husband Nick Lachey, he ordered a shot of Patron Silver and a margarita for each of them. Confused, Jessica looked down and said, “Ugh. We have to put our own tequila in our margarita? I can’t believe this!” Nick laughed and explained, “No. I ordered us a margarita and a shot.”

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4 thoughts on “Jessica Simpson Giving Daisy Dukes A Comeback

  1. popfan_23 says:

    If you can pull it off is right, you must have the correct type of posterior

  2. shunny says:

    Jessica Simpson is richer than most people with a college degree. I don’t know if you hadn’t noticed but if you’re lucky a college degree may get you 60 grand a year.this girl is making millions doing something she appears to most people gp to school to make more money………….she’s making the money.

  3. Hunglo says:

    but crack dealers make money too, she’s still a dumbazz

  4. shunny says:

    rich dumbass-broke educated ass you do the math. and you have to be honest with yourself the girl cant be too dumb. can you say make money off dumb blonde cliche?

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