Jessica Simpson Icey To Fan & Gets Lectured By Nick Lachey

While Jessica Simpson comes off as friendly with fans, a source tells the Enquirer the singer was less than pleased to encounter a fan who approached her and hubby of 98 Degrees at an LA eatery. When the female fan asked if she could click a picture, Jessica refused to even look at the woman, but Nick said warmly, “Sure.. do you want to be in the photo with us?” Jessica shot Nick an evil look, but painted on a phony smile when the camera flashed. After the thrilled fan walked away, Lachey told Simpson to wise up and stop dissing their fans.

Jessica Simpson & Nick Lachey’s Love In The Public Eye

April 9, 2004 – ‘Extra’ reports Ellen DeGeneres couldn’t help but notice Jessica Simpson and husband Nick Lachey’s busy careers were in overdrive when they dropped by her show. “You all couldn’t be hotter right now. You’re on the cover of TV Guide, Entertainment Weekly, Us Weekly, twice,” Ellen said to Jessica and Nick, Friday during her talk show. “This US cover is my favorite,” noted Nick. “It says ‘Is Fame Tearing Them Apart?’ and we look so happy on the cover.”

Performs National Anthem

April 6, 2004 – 98 Degrees star Nick Lachey, a native of Cincinnati, sang the National Anthem before the start of the National League game between the Cincinnati Reds and the Chicago Cubs on Monday (April 5) at Great American Ballpark in Cincinnati, Ohio. Check out pictures from GettyImages.

Did Nick Cheat On Jessica With 98 Degrees Groupies?

March 25, 2004 – Us Weekly quotes 98 Degrees star remarking on his wife Jessica Simpson’s premarital abstinence stating: “It was kind of erotic. Remember, I was in a boy band. If I wanted to get laid, I’d go and get laid.”

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10 thoughts on “Jessica Simpson Icey To Fan & Gets Lectured By Nick Lachey

  1. XOX_SKY_XOX says:

    Personally… I don’t think that’s what he meant… I think he was saying he kinda liked the whole “waiting till marriage” thing and that if all he was looking for was sex then he could have had it… but I really don’t think he meant that he did go get laid… just that he could have if he wanted to

  2. xxbabyxgirlxx says:

    As much as I like Nick…if you think he didn’t cheat, you need to get real. I would be willing to bet ANY amount of money that he did.

  3. Meggz75 says:

    I’m sure he wasn’t all that innocent but I doubt he will cheat on her now that..’, ‘they are married..he just doesn’t strike me as the type.

  4. JessieJess618 says:

    I bet it was mighty tempting, and he probably came close, but in the end didn’t go through with it. I think he meant that if it was just a physical attraction to her, he could get that fix somewhere else easily. I think he meant that it was something deeper that no random hump could offer.

  5. galleta says:

    So what she was icy, come on what moron is gonna approach them while they are eating, goodness why do singers and actors have to be on all the time give them a break people. Remember if someone is out eating I’m sure they don’t want to be bothered god at least wait for them to finish and be walking out.

  6. XxmissyxX says:

    ^ I agree. at least let them finish their meal and at least get in the parking lot before you become the stalkerazzi! haha. I honestly can’t imagine nick or Jessica being mean to their fans. they both seem so people friendly and sweet…but uh who knows?

  7. Izzy says:

    A year ago Jessica was still practically a nobody. Guess she’s eaten up all her humble pie. While I think it probably would have been better for the fan to wait for them to finish their meal I certainly think she could have handled the situation a little better. Imagine having one encounter with your idol and they are bitterly rude to you. It could have a negative affect on the person for quite some time. Jessica should have said “I would love to have my picture taken with you after we are finished with our meal”. Week after week Jessica is exposing herself the be the airhead, spoiled rotten toddler she portrays herself to be on the Newlyweds. Nowt that I think about it she handled that situation like a 10 year old which is not far off from her reading level or maturity level. I guess her behavior was right on target.

  8. Mickielicious says:

    This is nothing new! I have heard many stories about Jessica’s behavior. It has been so bad that she apologized on her website about 3 or 4 years ago after a benefit for Griffin’s song I believe. She apologized the the “fan” saying that the drive got lost and she was really frustrated because they were running an hour late. etc. etc. blah blah. Anyways, people shouldn’t be shocked. Wonder what she’ll do after her fame has run out? Guess that is why her daddy is trying to make Ashlee a star too so he can take a big old chunk of her paychecks too. whoops

  9. PandaBear2003 says:

    1) If this is the time I think it was it was being filmed for Newlyweds so the person wanted their 15 min of fame. 2) I’ve heard MANY people saying how MEAN and RUDE Jessica was to them at fan meetings and these WERE NOT just from those wanting to see Nick only, this was back in 2000 when she worked as an individual and not a conjoined twin.

  10. FavoriteStar says:

    It stated they were in the eatery – you can be walking out and still “in” a restaurant. How do you know they weren’t walking out when the fan approached them? But she complains when people aren’t there to see her – so she needs to be more genuine, treat fans better when she does just run into them – or they’ll never want to go see her at some appearance she makes.

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