Jessica Simpson In Nestle Crunch Commercial With Shaq

Jessica Simpson official site moderator AJessFriend revealed more news on what Jessica’s been up to, including news that she just shot a Nestle Crunch commercial with Shaquille O’Neal of the Los Angeles Lakers for the NBA playoffs – which are currently underway (Shaq’s Lakers advanced to round 2 on Sunday), so look for those anytime now. In addition, Simpson will be shooting a mini video, singing an Elvis song for a TV special to promote the upcoming summer movie ‘Lilo And Stitch’, which will come out presumably in June.

Jessica Hopefully To Begin Recording In May

April 28, 2002 – BigFanOfJess, another moderator at Jessica Simpson’s official site message board tells fans that Simpson has written more than 40 songs since February and hopes to begin recording on her new album next month. The moderator also revealed that Simpson will be attending the Kentucky Derby on the 3rd and 4th of May and will be hosting a radio show in Philadelphia on May 10th.

Simpson Moderator Clues In On Movie Roles & CBS Special

April 27, 2002 – AJessFriend, moderator at Jessica Simpson’s official site message board, posted additional details on the upcoming projects Jessica will be involved with. AJF writes, “I hinted about a movie, but there aren’t a lot of details. She is looking at several movie scripts and is down to one she loves and if things work out shooting could begin in July.” As for her CBS special aboard the USS Truman, AJF revealed, “She is singing a song that she chose especially for the troops. It is called ‘I Will Remember This’. Her songwriting partner wrote it about Joe’s mom but it fits so well for America at this time that it seemed appropriate she perform it for the troops.”

Simpson Moderator Says Jessica & Nick Have Set A Date

April 25, 2002 – AJessFriend, the moderator at Jessica Simpson’s official site message board told fans on Thursday that Jess and her fiance Nick Lachey will wed before year’s end, “They’ve set a date! That’s all I can tell you for now–exact date & other details to be announced later. All I can say is, it will be before the end of 2002.” The moderator promises more news over the next few days, including news that Jessica taped PSAs on behalf of Boys Town, a charitable organization helping the nation’s youth today.

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6 thoughts on “Jessica Simpson In Nestle Crunch Commercial With Shaq

  1. jjms4ever says:

    AJF is full of *****, he posts whatever Sony and Joe Simpson feeds to him, and likewise went with Devon’s recent posts on the 98 mb covering for Universal’s asses and all their lies. I wouldn’t even believe AJF despite his “supposed” connections with knowing Jessica Simpson & her family. Another more reason why it proves that Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson are a publicity stunt, Jessica and her people are making these stupid announcements, while Nick Lachey himself has said NOTHING to the public about the “supposed” engagement, you would at least figure 98°’s press agent would have put a statment on the guys site or Nick would have told his fans himself or at least say something about it an article or interview, but get this HE HAS NOT SAID A DARN THING. HELLO PEOPLE GET A FREAKING CLUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This only proves how fake this whole situation, how dumb does Universal and Sony honestly think people are? It’s not doing any good for 98°, the stunt did wonders for Jessica’s career in the beginning but with her hypocrisy and lies within the last year who would believe her, now it seems to not being doing any good for her at all. All this has done is ruin things for 98°, they were a lot more popular before Jessica Simpson entered the picture. THE STUNT IS A GENERATED STORY THAT HAS BEEN PULLED OVER YOUR EYES TO BLIND YOU FROM THE TRUTH TO KEEP YOU (THE FANS) UNDER CONTROL.

  2. chris says:

    AJF and the other moderators have ‘promised’ to be forthcoming with personal information and updates in the past and they never seem to keep those promises( ie Jessica’s clothing line; the ‘several’ movies she claimed to be shooting over the past two years; the numerous appearances that were publicized and then just dropped with NO explanation at all just to mention a few.)

    It is all a big tease to string the message board along and generate some MUCH NEEDED publicity for Jessica.

    By the way Wanewhatever- if you really have such a low opinion of this site why are you ALWAYS HERE and why do YOU HAVE AN ACCOUNT? You must really dislike yourself to subject yourself repeatedly to something you claim to have contempt for. I think you could benefit significantly from joining a support group like BA – Bullsh**ers Anonymous! For your own sake and the sanity of those around you please go to a meeting today!!

  3. allure says:

    “ie Jessica’s clothing line; the ‘several’ movies she claimed to be shooting over the past two years; the numerous appearances that were publicized and then just dropped with NO explanation at all just to mention a few.)”

    Chris, sometimes things fall through. The moderators share info when they can but they don’t know everything. And sometimes plans change.

  4. jjms4ever says:

    Allure, you’re too obsessed with Jessica Simpson unlike you who posts on the message boards at all hours of the day and has a website about her I might add, you’re the one that needs to STOP making her your whole life. The stunt isn’t my whole life, I have a bf, friends, a job, I’m too busy too spend all my time on the internet unlike you. Allure, YOU DON’T KNOW ME, so don’t start saying that I make the stunt my whole life when I don’t, you’re not around me 24/7 to know that. I do however like to get my opinion out there & make it known, and you obviously can’t accept that I’m not gonna agree with you when it comes to Jessica Simpson.

  5. chris says:

    allure, I don’t think you are right. I think (from past experience with the moderators and the Simpson’s themselves) that these are just more publicity ‘plants’ to make it ‘SEEM’ like Jessica is busy and in demand when in fact she is not. What she is doing is desperately trying to play ‘catch up’ to Britney and Mandy.

  6. BabyBlue2578 says:

    ok, stop. Healthy, moral image? Where in the hell did that come from. If Britney Spears has a health moral image, then Elvis is still alive. This has gone too far. Who cares why they broke up. Or how they broke up…or even IF they broke up. Leave them alone!

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