Jessica Simpson Is Ready To Release More Music

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With the success of ‘Newlyweds’, is planning to tour, act, and release a new record. Jessica will begin touring around February and she will also write a new book about her life. However, Jessica will release another album, an album of her hit singles. The album called, ‘Jessica Simpson: The Singles and Remixes’, is to be released in May. The track listing is below. Read on for the complete listing.

“Jessica Simpson: The Singles and Remixes”
May 2004
1.I Wanna Love You Forever (Soul Solution Extended Club Vocal Version)
2.Where You Are (Ft.Nick Lachey)
3.I Think I’m In Love With You
4.I Think I’m In Love With You (Lenny B’s Club Mix)
6.Irresistible (So So Def Remix feat. Lil Bow Wow)
7.A Little Bit
8.A Little Bit (Chris “The Greek” & Guido Club Mix)
9.Forever In Your Eyes
10.Part Of Your World
11.The Sweetest Sin
12.With You
13.Unknown (Whatever is planned to be the next single)

The album originally was planned to be all remixes, however her 2002 remix EP didn’t even crack the charts and since then the album only went on to sell 5,400 copies.

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11 thoughts on “Jessica Simpson Is Ready To Release More Music

  1. justanotherbtch says:

    Her hits? lol she’s only had like 2 good songs.

  2. getalifeyall says:

    If she were smart at all, Forbidden Fruit would be her next single.

  3. tazzsgirl says:

    Title of book, I spell kat with no ones help. the Jessica Simpson story

  4. PandaBear2003 says:

    Wow, Jessica Simpson: This Is the Remix sells 5400 copies and she WANTS TO TRY IT AGAIN? PLEASE. She has had ONE top ten hit and has released SEVEN singles. Contrary to what SHE says Where You Are DID NOT crack the top 20 and was NOT a hit, and Part of Your World, that she recorded for DISNEY wasn’t even on any of her albums so why is she or rather daddy calling it a hit? Sony should just drop her ass and get it over with already. She costs them MORE money than she makes.

  5. webanging says:

    ‘With You’ is actually doing really well on pop radio stations. It could turn out to be a big hit for Jessica. Her new album has been moving up the Billboard Charts for the last couple of weeks.

  6. BroadmindedMusic says:

    oh my. Good luck, Jess! I know that Jennifer Lopez does this with the remix stuff, but come on. You need to have more hit singles than a few to make an album like this… I’m sad to say that I know it won’t do too well- hit TV show or not.

  7. shadybaby says:

    Title of book: Is this Chicken or Tuna I have? the Jessica Simpson story. And it’s mostly teaching kids how to count to 7,that’s her only knowledge

  8. PandaBear2003 says:

    Um JUST because YOUR radio station plays the song does NOT count for the rest of the country. Her song is NOT doing well on billboard and that STILL is what people go by to constitute SUCCESS. Her album is NOT even in the top 100 so I don’t CARE if it moves up and down the BOTTOM 100, it’s the top 100 that count and she was 102 LAST WEEK.

    You know on second thought this is good. Shows SONY still thinks she’s a HUGE JOKE and a LAUGHING STOCK to give a POP FAILURE two remix albums. AND it’s surprising it’s almost the SAME EXACT TITLE as Mariah Carey’s new remix album which features 22 songs, 13 of which WENT TO NUMBER 1, something Jessica NEVER achieved as she NEVER went higher than # 3.

  9. WaneInTheZone says:

    This record will most likely do better then the ‘Remixes’ because of the support of the show. But the majority of these songs are already on her remix EP…She should just put her energy towards promoting ‘In This Skin’ because it’s a phenomenal record, It sent Jessica to whole other level. Panda, Get your facts straight you cheap trick. “Irresistible” peaked at #2, and her first single “I Wanna Love You Forever” reached #1. She’s had a few other singles crack the top ten, I don’t feel like listing them. Stop drinking your hatoraid you mongoloid.

  10. AntiBubbleGumMachine says:

    God I love to correct you so much WaneNuts, it’s gives me chills of glee. Lets over of your ‘facts’ shall we? . “Irresistible” peaked at #2″ WRONG! Irresistible peaked at #20 in Billboard The album itself debuted at #6 and like the single, It dropped like a rock! “I Wanna Love You Forever” reached #1″ WRONG AGAIN!! That hideous single peaked at #2 on Billboard. Glad that rock group 3 Doors Down took home the American Music Awards beating poor Jessica Simpson as New Artist of 2000 for their song ‘Kryptonite’. and, did her fans and her father ‘Reverend Joe’ had a ‘cow’ when they cried ‘foul’ over that decision. She’s had a few other singles crack the top ten. When? On Rick Dees’ Top 40? Radio Digest, Cash Box? I don’t go by those imitators. Her new album In This Skin debut at #15 and went out of the top 40, her single of the same title NEVER cracked the top 40! I go by Billboard – The Bible of the Music Industry! An don’t you forget it chump! BTW, if you think that Ms. Simpson can capitalized of her so-called new success by releasing another ‘remix’ album, you are sorry mistaken! Her last album she did went completely nowhere on the charts! NO-WHERE! You to get a grip on WaneNuts! Jessica Simpson’s 15 minutes of fame is way over! She nothing but a joke in the entertainment industry! 3 million dollars in debt and got no endorsements to show for to pay it off! HA, HA!

  11. PandaBear2003 says:

    Man Wane, Anti is CORRECT. I AM CORRECT, YOU are a moron who listens to JESSICA who LIES. Yeah the album DID bring her to a whole OTHER level. A BIGGER FAILURE than before since it took more than 13 WEEKS for it to go GOLD and it took 8 WEEKS for Irresistible the ALBUM to go GOLD. Anti, I thought irresistible the album went only as high as # 8? Don’t want to give Jessica more credit than she TRULY deserves, but I could be wrong.

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