Jessica Simpson Not Surprised By ‘Dukes’ Backlash

World Entertainment News Network reports that Jessica Simpson is saying the response to her new film ‘Dukes Of Hazzard’ from the Christian group The Resistance and others help explain why she didn’t pursue a career as a Christian singer. “It didn’t really surprise me because I grew up with a lot of that backlash,” Simpson said. “That’s why I didn’t end up going into the Christian music industry. I think that if they’re really good Christians the judgment wouldn’t be there.”

Liberal Talk Show Host Discusses Jessica’s Iraq Comments

July 28, 2005 – Air America talk show host Randi Rhodes spent the first hour of her show on Thursday (July 28) discussing Jessica Simpson’s complaint that her ABC special on her and hubby Nick Lachey’s visit to Iraq was cleaned of the attacks and shellings after “the tapes got mysteriously misplaced.”

Another Hot Day In LA

July 27, 2005 – Jay Leno joked during his Tonight Show monologue on Tuesday night, “Another hot one here today in Los Angeles. I tell you, I was sweatin’ like Jessica Simpson trying to put a CD into her iPod.”

‘Dukes’ Previewed At Robins Air Force Base

July 27, 2005 – Jessica Simpson and her castmates on the new ‘Dukes of Hazzard’ movie gave military families a sneak preview of the upcoming flick. Johnny Knoxville, Seann William Scott and Simpson hosted a free, advanced screening of the movie for service members and their families at Robins Air Force Base. Coverage of the visit from has since been removed.

Jessica Simpson: ABC’s Iraq Special Left Out Attacks, Shelling

July 27, 2005 – reports that Jessica Simpson says her visit to Iraq with husband Nick Lachey as part of an ABC special left out harrowing footage to avoid controversy. “It was unbelievable. They didn’t show a lot of what really went on with the enemy attacks and the shelling,” Simpson said. “There was so much stuff that went on and somehow the tapes got mysteriously misplaced. It put everything in perspective for me. It really did teach me the definition of sacrifice. I can’t even fathom being out there right now. I was ready to come home.”

Jessica Simpson Chats With ‘ET’

July 27, 2005 – Jessica Simpson spoke with ‘Entertainment Tonight’ on her marriage to Nick Lachey and the tabloid attention they’ve received, the rumors linking her to Johnny Knoxville, no plans yet for kids, and more. has since removed the video.

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4 thoughts on “Jessica Simpson Not Surprised By ‘Dukes’ Backlash

  1. AFStud501 says:

    Then why is she a republican? The same can be argued about gays. Christians shouldn’t judge them, that’s God’s job. Karma is b.i.t.c.h, huh Jess?

  2. ihatehilary says:

    what does the christian music industry think of gc?

    what do christian benji and Joel think of the movie?? mmmmmm, christian benji and joel.

  3. galleta says:

    Jessica is all about making money and that’s it. If she wants to be a slut for awhile go on girl. She’s married and if her husband don’t care that shes bumping and grinding on screen why should anyone else. To tell the truth I don’t think Nick cares as long as she keeps bringing home the green.

  4. ICYHOT says:

    Oh Jessy, you’re the last one to talk about judging others..isnt that exactly WHAT you did when you came out. “Oh no, I wont show skin, be slutty, wear skimpy clothes and sing about sex like Britney, Christina etc”. Lo and behold, she loses a few pounds and is now popping that thang like nobody else – AND cons half of America into thinking she’s something special – sorry but I just cant stand this chick, she’s dumb, mediocre and looks like a total harridan. But that’s just me. Carry on :-)

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