Jessica Simpson Pant Wetting Featured On ‘Newlyweds’

WENN reports Jessica Simpson’s tendency to pee her pants at the moment when she’s amused will be documented in her upcoming MTV reality show ‘Newlyweds’ with husband of 98 Degrees. “We were having a party, and Jessica spilled something on the floor,” Lachey explained. “She and her mom started laughing hysterically. Now, when Jessica laughs a little too hard, she has a tendency to lose control of her bladder. This was no exception. She pissed herself silly, and the camera was there to capture it.”

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10 thoughts on “Jessica Simpson Pant Wetting Featured On ‘Newlyweds’

  1. Kizzardkid says:

    That is so gross, I don’t think we needed to know that. and why is she telling everyone about her sex life? She’s so stupid

  2. Stallion says:

    Is this what her career have come down to. She have to pee her pant to get people to notice her. I don’t know about you people but a girl peeing in her pant is a major turn off. Don’t get me wrong I still do her but that is still kind of gross.

  3. right_wing says:

    How long do you think they spent trying to come up with ways to prove they are a ‘normal’ couple? If this is the best they have.

  4. sddirrtyblond says:

    There’s pills out there she can take to control that. I wish she would just go away, she’s so annoying!

  5. PandaBear2003 says:

    Pills can only help if it’s a regular occurrence not when you laugh like moron because you are a total klutz and ditz. I think she deserves this. Her fans think she’s too perfect as it is and even with this having been floating around for more than a month (Nick started announcing it right after it was filmed) they still think she’s perfect. She’s far from perfect, she’s a disgusting pig, slob and a lazy b*tch as stated by her, Have a nice day.

  6. sddirrtyblond says:

    oh, and I guess you work in a gyn office and are going through nursing school like me? it’s called stress incontinence and happens when you cough,sneeze,laugh and there are pills you can take for it you retard so maybe you should watch who you call a “klutz and a ditz” you skank. Have a lovely day :)

  7. bookmarker says:

    Stress incontinence usually only happens to women who ARE now pregnant or who HAVE had babies. Which category does Jessica fit into? BTW, IF that was the problem then she wouldn’t be able to sing(scream) the way she does with all the getting way down to hit high notes without wetting herself onstage.

    Let’s ss, Jessica’s skin looks like a leather handbag that was left out in the rain; her boobs swing down around her knees; she can’t walk 2 feet without panting; and now she pees in her pants uncontrollably!!! Seriously, if she is THIS decrepit at 23 what will she be like at 33? She really had better NEVER have any babies or she will be a 300 pound, diaper wearing, oxygen snuffing recluse! Jessica’s career and body are in serious deline I wonder which will give out first?

  8. sddirrtyblond says:

    along with pregnant or women who had babies it also happens to elderly women. I don’t think singing triggers urinating like laughing or coughing does. I don’t know what the hell Jessica’s problem is, she probably does it to get attention.

  9. HoneyRain says:

    yep.. Jessica is just determined to bury her career 6 feet under.. it’s already halfway there.. just keep peeing on yourself and putting out sh***y records.. it’ll DIE Jessica!

  10. PandaBear2003 says:

    Uh NO A-hole WORK IN A PHARMACY and happen to be a PHARMACIST STUDENT and know ALL the prescriptive drugs, DOCTORS will not hand out pills JUST because you piss in your pants when you laugh, biotch Screw You

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