Jessica Simpson Performs At Clear Channel Party

C.J. of the Minneapolis Star Tribune has details behind Jessica Simpson’s performance on Tuesday night at Clear Channel’s party for its new St. Louis Park facilities. JoDee Messina and Montgomery Gentry performed at the event as well, though some tell her that Simpson was lip-syncing. Kristi Holte, who sells ads for Cities 97, said: “She is dumber than she looks. She looks great.”

Jessica Simpson’s ‘Jeannie’ Worries

November 12, 2003 – Jay Leno joked during his Tonight Show monologue on Tuesday night, “And Jessica Simpson is reportedly up for the role in the movie version of ‘I of Jeannie’. However, she said she’s worried she won’t be able to lose the weight quick enough to fit inside the bottle.”

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6 thoughts on “Jessica Simpson Performs At Clear Channel Party

  1. MistySl says:

    Britney vs. JESSICA Fake Boobs Real Boobs Lip-Syncs Sings Live no vocal range Multi-Octave Range Flop Movie Career Hit Tv Shows (2) Copy-Cat of Madonna Copy-Cat of Mariah Lots of extensions/Dye Beautiful dyed Hair Depressed/Fake Spoiled and Beauitful

  2. PandaBear2003 says:

    well now that would hold water except Jessica HAS BEEN LIP SYNCING the last FEW performances of hers, it’s even stated in the article

  3. MistySl says:

    Jessica Owns the Pop-Culture Right Now. It’s all about Jessica, from Rolling Stone’s Cover to 15 other covers to the Late Show, it’s all about HouseWife of The Year. You Britney Spears fans will have to accept. That we won’t accept this Lip-syncing, Nude Magazine Covers Britney Spears.

  4. Danisha says:

    Simpson is a joke! She’s on the cover of RS for being a complete nit wit. She thinks she’s a vocalist, but she’s NOWHERE near the vocalists she tries so hard to emulate. She forces her voice so hard that she’s actually split her pants several times onstage. She tried to do the Britney thing, and she STILL couldn’t get anyone to care. Her husband is gay and an even bigger joke than she is. Neither can get their “music” on the radio or get anyone besides MTV teenies and Disney suits to take them seriously. Pathetic.

  5. Cicero says:

    Wow, real positive comments… “She wasn’t even singing”; “She’s dumber than she looks”; “She should only say things OTHER people write for her.” And my favorite: “I’m gonna give her a can of StarKist tuna to really mess her up. ‘Is it stars or kisses?'” Jessica Simpson: Joke of the pop world. Don’t mean to be a hater, honest… I don’t like haters. But really, everyone’s laughing at her.

  6. shadybaby says:

    Jessica Simpson-she needs to be nuked off the planet and I bet you more than anything that her boobs are fake and I don’t think that Britney had a boob job because her boobs are so small and regular, Jessica Simpson has a terrible singing voice and has somebody lip-syncing for her,probably Nick the Dick’s mistress or somebody like that.

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