Jessica Simpson Performs On ‘Oprah’

Contributed by SistaSimpson:

Jessica Simpson and husband Nick Lachey of 98 Degrees appeared on the Oprah Winfrey Show on Thursday (February 12) and they performed their new single, a cover of Berlin’s song from ‘Top Gun’ called ‘Take My Breath Away’. Watch it at YouTube.

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6 thoughts on “Jessica Simpson Performs On ‘Oprah’

  1. WaneInTheZone says:

    Jessica delivers another flawless performance, It took my breath away. Jess is such an great vocalist because she doesn’t do those annoying run’s(Oooh’s & Aah’s) like Christina and Kelly Clarkson…She just sings the damn songs. Nick almost completely threw off the song, His voice is soo flat and thin…Does he any vibrato at all?

  2. lilla says:

    I disagree. I hate how Jessica sings. she can hit the note but then ends it with this dreadful, almost orgasm sounding, breath. it sounds tacky

  3. JnChrisFan1 says:

    Jessica and Nick did a wonderful job…They are too cute and everyone deserves a guy like Nick or any of those guys that where honored for being romantic and all that good stuff on the Oprah show That was the cutest thing (episode) I have seen to date. Everyone was crying well not the guys really but the guy did when he was surprised out of the audience for sticking by his girl when she had cancer and shaving his head when hers was bald because of the chemo….Too sweet

  4. PandaBear2003 says:

    Wane the ass strikes again. It’s called YODELING the note. Or did you MISS American Idol that day when both SIMON and PAULA stated it? Nick COULD have screwed over the song, he DID NOT want to be there WITH HER as from the way it sounds SHE is the only one PERFORMING IT on her bloody album and the damn music video, him performing it that day was BS and not to mention Jessica OVERSINGS every song and has to OUTPERFORM Nick. Apparently BLENDING vocally is a FOREIGN phrase to her and daddy.

  5. Mickielicious says:

    Ok did anyone else see how she snatched her hand back when he reached out to hold her hand while they sang? I wasn’t seeing things. Seems like Jessica is WAY too into herself. I think she ruined the song. I wonder how much they had to pay Terri Nunn to let Jessica sing her song?

  6. PandaBear2003 says:

    No but my brother STILL remembers when they performed WYA on Kids Choice April 2000, she went to touch his chest and as my brother put it “nearly jumped out of his skin to get away from her” He JUMPED backwards, now why HE went for her hand I’ll NEVER know but I did hear they stood SO FAR AWAY from each other BEFORE the song that when she reached to touch him she MISSED because she was too stupid to know to take a few steps CLOSER to him.

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