Jessica Simpson Performs On The Tonight Show

performed on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno on Friday (December 19). Check out pictures from the performance and interview at GettyImages.

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9 thoughts on “Jessica Simpson Performs On The Tonight Show

  1. weebongo says:

    With You’ was the Hot Shot Debut on Billboard this week. Airplay is gaining fast, this could turn out to be a mega hit for Jessica. It’s a good catchy song and her vocals are perfect.

  2. PandaBear2003 says:

    HOW? Billboard doesn’t update till WEDNESDAYS and the last chart she was NOT on the top 50.

  3. weebongo says:

    The most recent chart is the one I’m talking about and she was the Hot Shot Debut at #65. She should jump into the top 50 on the next since airplay is increasing fast.

  4. LiLGrrl3369 says:

    I like her jeans, shoes, and hair alot, but I don’t think the shirt is all that flattering. I can’t wait for the new season of Newlyweds.

  5. getalifeyall says:

    I like Jessica. I don’t think of her as a celebrity because she’s so normal. But I do think she’s very talented and I hope she finds a place in Hollywood for herself.

  6. PandaBear2003 says:

    Aww you disappoint me. Though you knew BETTER than to make ASSUMPTIONS?

  7. AdiaSweet says:

    Jessica is likeable. She’s got a long way to go to have as much star power as Brit and the rest. I think her album Sweet Kisses was awesome, but her second album didn’t do so hot. Why does she have on SOOOOO much makeup in these pictures? She’s pretty without all that – as you can see in her reality series when she’s just hanging around the house.

  8. Izzy says:

    The interview was not exactly intellectually stimulating. I’m worried for Jessica… she’s 23 years old and can’t even form a complete sentence. The more she speaks the more stupid she sounds. There she sat next to three athletes that seemed to be even more stupified than Jay at some of her answers. She needs to read a book during her down time to polish her English/verbal skills.

  9. PandaBear2003 says:

    Jessica Simpson has NO IDEA what the real her is. She is ALWAYS putting on some image and it’s not HER it’s her father. Whatever HE think goes, goes. That’s why she wears globs of makeup, wigs, sings like everyone else, compares herself to everyone. The thing is if Jessica was HERSELF from the getgo, MANY more people would have liked her but her dad thought the REAL Jessica didn’t HAVE anything to offer so he turned her into the puppet she is today.

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