Jessica Simpson Perking Up Her Butt For Daisy Role

thinks she’s perfect for Daisy Duke in the movie version of ‘The Dukes Of Hazzard’. And she’s willing to kick perfection up a notch if required to look good in those famously short shorts. “Maybe it’s because I’m Southern, too, but I just relate to the character. I’ve got to get my butt really perky, doing squats every day,” she tells the Palm Beach Post. “My husband would love it.”

Jessica Simpson’s A Genius?

July 24, 2004 – Jay Leno joked during his Tonight Show monologue on Friday night, “This is interesting. said in the paper today — Jessica Simpson’s mom, rather. Jessica’s mom said she thinks Jessica may be a genius. [Laughter] She says Jessica once scored 160 on her IQ Test. Or maybe that was her SATs Yeah, maybe the SATs.”

Jessica Simpson’s Parenting Plan

July 16, 2004 – Jessica Simpson let slip to the new Us magazine that motherhood might be in her near future. “I don’t think it will be in six months or a year, but after that, Nick’s getting old,” opined the 25-year-old. Jessica’s husband, 30-year-old of 98 Degrees, says while they’d love to have their own kids, adoption isn’t out of the question. But, there will be no Osbourne-style view into their family life; the stars of MTV’s ‘Newlyweds: Nick & Jessica’ say this may be the last season of their reality show.

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8 thoughts on “Jessica Simpson Perking Up Her Butt For Daisy Role

  1. PandaBear2003 says:

    I want to know WHY she’s yammering about motherhood if it’s at LEAST 12+ months down the road? Good lord. You announce when you’re TRYING not when you PLAN to attempt, but don’t worry honey, YOU are NOT mothering Nick’s kids. Oh and she’s 24 NOT 25.

  2. rothers27 says:

    I read that Jessica and nick want to adopt a teenager from another country. THAT IS SCARY! WHY? Does anyone think that would work at all? I think Nick just wants a friend to talk to, so he will adopt one. Old enough to play a mean game of golf and basketball, yet young enough to do everything he says. These people are such pathetic losers, AH!

  3. galleta says:

    Jessica a mom no! OMG omg omg, that would be child abuse to let these two reproduce, and to adopt a child would be criminal, please Jess and Nick don’t do it, if they want to adopt let someone else raise the kid and just supply the money, lol I mean come on can anyone here see Jessica giving motherly advice lol, and Nick OMG he has too quick a temper, he would toss the kid against the wall, no these two should not adopt or reproduce yet.

  4. PandaBear2003 says:

    I agree Nick ONLY has a temper AROUND JESSICA, hmm do you THINK its because he CANNOT STAND HER? When he finally ends this BS THEN he can have kids and the world will see THE REAL NICK.

  5. trluk says:

    She is gonna look FINE! I saw the old Daisy Duke at the Grand Ole Opry 2 weeks ago and she is also still very hot!

  6. FashionPrincess says:

    This is old news and nobody really important honestly cares.’, ‘Besides parts get changed up all the time.I’m willing to bet the world that by the time this film starts getting made (if it starts getting made) ,she will not be in that role.

  7. WaneInTheZone says:

    Britney & Jessica fit the role perfectly, Jessica would make a hotter daisy though.

  8. PandaBear2003 says:

    I want to know why this was posted almost TWO MONTHS after the fact. This story was printed JUNE 9th It’s ALMOST August! AND lets not forget the MOST IMPORTANT THING, the production company REFUSES to acknowledge she even HAS the part. Their OFFICIAL word is that there is NO cast because there is NO director and since the DIRECTOR hires people, JESSICA is going to look the FOOL she is when someone ELSE lands the part officially.

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