Jessica Simpson Posts Message For Fans

posted a message on her official website at Jessica’s Corner. She says of her new album, “My prayer in writing this album is that when you have finished listening to it, you feel like you know me. There is a song about my own personal struggle with self esteem. It is called ‘In This Skin’. It is dedicated to you. My hope is that from my own struggle and discovery, you will grow with me. You know we really are beautiful in the skin God has given us!”

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5 thoughts on “Jessica Simpson Posts Message For Fans

  1. justanotherbtch says:

    Jessica Simpson is so *****ing annoying. her commercials for their new series is so *****ing lame and not even funny.

  2. MariahsMan says:

    Has anyone else noticed that when they play her new video on MTV…when they show the artist’s name, song name, etc…her new album is called “In This Sin” and not “In This Skin.” It was like that last time I saw it, but they could have changed it by now.

  3. ReasoningXisxBliss says:

    I don’t hate Justin because he’s talented. I hate Justin because he is not.

  4. bookmarker says:

    Isn’t it funny that Jessica ONLY posts on her OFFICIAL MB when she is SELLING something? But then she tells interviewers that she ‘loves’ her message board! Yea, I guess she loves it because the people over there are so stupid that they let Jessica s*it on their heads and then use their hair as toilet paper!

  5. Coy says:

    Jessica Simpson seems like a good kid. Simply beautiful, and simply fun. A real person. Real talent. Media needs to finds someone else to bully and pick on. Not a sweety like her.

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