Jessica Simpson Reality Tour Review

Reviewer: NoRegrets

*The Reality Tour- 7.25.2004 with Jessica Simpson and opening act Ryan Cabrera*

Wow! I had such a great night! First, I’d like to say something before I get into the review. lol You may regret wanting to read this interview because it’s pretty long. Those that know me know that I write long reviews whenever I go to a concert.

Jessica just seems like an all around nice person if you ask me. I know I’ve never met her, but you can just tell that she is an amazing person ya know? She seems like a genuinely nice person who doesn’t seem to be taking anything for granted. And yes, you can definitely tell she loves her fans a ton. I have so much respect for Jessica. Out of all the labeled Pop singers out there, I say Jessica is far most the best one out there. Yet, she is marketed as a “Britney” and/or a “Christina”, but I foresee her as a totally different person. Jessica is such a great role model, her lyrics are great, and her music is so inspiring. I’m sure if anyone sat down and listened to at least 1 song Jessica has ever done, they could relate. Jessica is a type of person who doesn’t pull that stupid sh*t and has self-respect for herself. It’s just really cool to have a talented artist being themselves.

Onto the concert.

I got to the concert around 6:00pm…I saw Jessica’s tour buses! There were about 5 of them parked back stage. I took a bus down to the Amp, I was checked before I loaded onto the bus. I got both of my cameras in! When I arrived at the Amp, security (Event Staff) was pretty hefty I thought. When you entered the Amp, you had to show your ticket, once in the Amp, when you went to your section you needed to show your ticket again…every time you go out of your section, out of the Amp, when you re go back in, you need to show it again both times. if you didn’t have your ticket, you would not be able to even go back into the Amp…I never left the Amp once I was in my seat. I saw these people rush up to front row when they didn’t even have front row tickets and one of the Security people told them right away they needed to get back in the section they belonged to. You couldn’t go even to say hi to a friend if they were in a section…however, I saw some of my other friends there and they came over anyway through different way.

*SIDE NOTE: Once the show started finally, the venue was pretty full! All 101,102, and 103 sections were full (front area), all the section 200’s were pretty full, except back in the corners on each side, and plus the lawn had quite a bit of people. So I am glad it was pretty full and it she had a large crowd since I heard her sales for this tour weren’t really going that well, some shows were sold out, but from some pics of other shows like nearly the whole 2nd section back wasn’t even full, like only the front area are and partial lawn.

Ryan Cabrera- The show was suppose to start at 7:30pm, but Ryan actually went on-stage around 8:00pm. He was pretty good! I think Ryan is really talented…he’s play guitar! That is awesome. The announcer came on and said “He is from Texas, please welcome Ryan Cabrera!” something like that. So, he played about 6 songs. He said how he liked to be in new places he’s never been to before, it was his first time here (my area). LOL! He thought he was in a different area than he was. Before the last song he announced he would give away 400 already signed CDs for free…I thought it was only 300, but he had 400…so then I saw a whole flock of people run out there and everything…crazy crazy I tell ya.

Next, there was a set change which was about 20 minutes.

Finally, the beautiful and talented Jessica Simpson hit the stage! The lights went out, her band started playing, she had this thing on the screen where she was “lost” with her mom in stuff, lights on the stage started flashing everywhere in different colors, and then up come Jessica from under the stage to start off the show. I thought her set was pretty cool! I liked the staircase on each site with blinking white lights and the huge screen, candles (which was for a certain song…I’ll get to that). Jessica came over to both side during the show and up to the fans who were on the stage on both sides. During when she was performing some songs she’d be like “Aww I love you too” to the people right against the barricade (front row people got to go to the barricade area if they wanted to) and the crowd, and she said like “Haha your cute” to someone in the crowd. She talked about how she loves her fans and how she thanks them for all the support she has. After one of her songs she mentioned Ashlee (little sister) about her album how good it was and how she loves her so much and how she’s blessed to have her as a sister…that was cool. She got in touch with the crowd.

Ok, onto the songs.

“I Think I’m In Love With You”- Always have loved that song so much! It was great! She danced around a lot, went all over the place on the stage. After the song, she like talked and greeted people when she was talking in the mic.

“Forbidden Fruit”- It’s a catchy song. Well, done performed.

“I Have Loved You”- She mentioned how it was great to have soldiers being in the war for us, and how it was hard if you had a child back home. Such a beautiful song! I almost started to cry, but I didn’t. On the screen showed pictures of Soldiers in the war, coming back to their families in stuff.

“She Works Hard For The Money”- Was good. Showed skits from her Variety Show she did with Nick during the song.

“Take My Breath Away”- Showed a clip of Newlyweds when she and Nick went to record TMBA and how it was special to her. I really liked this song live! Well, done!

“Angels”- I love Jessica’s version of this song…couldn’t choose between “Angels” and “Take My Breathe Away”. Both were so great!

“Be”- This song was good.

“You Don’t Have To Let Go”- OMG! When I heard the band starting to play this song in the background I knew I was about to lose it. Jessica talked about how she was a daddy’s girl, her father had a hard time giving her up when Jessica was getting married to Nick and like her dad thought she wouldn’t go to cry to her dad in stuff with her problems, she said it was a wedding present when her and Nick got married for her dad. She said her dad cried happy usually when she performs that song. So when she started seeing it, I couldn’t help it! My eyes started to get watery and tears came down. There was pics of Jessica and her family when she was growing up. The way she performed that song was absolutely beautiful…lyrics, voice, concept of the song, everything!

“My Way Home”- Great!

“Loving You”- It’s a cool song!

“Sweetest Sin”- Her band remixed the tempo up for this song when I liked! I don’t really care for the album version.

“Everyday See You”- Pretty good.

“Underneath”- I really like this song a lot! Such beautiful vocals.

“Irresistible”- Love this song, it’s a favorite of mine!

(encore)- When she said goodnight to everyone, ha ha lots of people started leaving in front of me and in the 200’s section and then the lawn! lol It was so funny. I got a great view when people left in front of me…I had a great view before too…I could see good even though everyone was standing up.

“With You”- She came out and said “Y’all’ thought I’d leave without singing the “t-shirt song”?!? They had a couch on the center of the stage she sang it well. She let the audience sing part of it. Then that was the end of her show.

Conclusion- I wish she would on sang “I Wanna Love You Forever”, she did in the beginning of her tour, but must of stopped because it’s a hard song to sing and her doing back to back shows is a lot. My favorite songs she performed were “I think I’m In Love With You”, “Angels”, “Take My Breathe Away”, “Irresistible”, “You Don’t Have To Let Go”, and “With You”. All around it was a great great great show! And I had great seats and had a good view. Jessica seems like such a sweet person like I’ve said before. She interacted with the crowd and everything, went over to both sides…it was so great! I recommend anyone to see Jessica Simpson in concert! I know she has a really great voice on the albums…you can certainty tell by that, but LIVE is just so great! She holds out noted longer tour when she performs. It was definitely well worth the $120 for two tickets for great seats! Ah, I wish I could re-live this concert! I’ll never forget this ever! When her Dallas, TX concert date airs on MTV, I will definitely tape it!!! I got over 50 pictures and when they come back I’ll show em’ to ya.

Jessica’s Q&A Session she did- She asked how the fan was doing and shook their hand when she was down answering the question.

Q- How did you know Nick was “the one”?

A- That’s a good question. Well, our date lasted about 7 hours. We talked a lot and just wanted to know each other so much. I couldn’t get my mind off them, I was like obsessed and that’s what all I could think about.

Q- What do you like to do when there’s no Newlyweds, Cameras, Photographers, etc?

A- Well, I like to go shopping. I love to spend money, I have a lot of girls with me and we like to hang out.

This one guy on stage got to put her coat on for her, she was like “Lets see about a gentleman” lol. Then, she gave him a hug…I bet that made the guy’s day!

URGH! I think there was about two more questions, but I couldn’t remember them!

Anyway, if you have any questions, feel free to PM me…PM for pics too. I’ll be getting all of them back soon.

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