Jessica Simpson Refutes Marriage Trouble After Pal Moves In

According to a posting at Jessica Simpson’s official forum, the singer insisted in a radio interview that having her best friend move in hasn’t caused tension in her marriage to star Nick Lachey. Sweetest Sin1026 writes, “Okay well y’all can STOP worrying abut Nick & Jessica and having Cacee move in with them! Jessica is going to be in my state tomorrow and she was on my radio station today and they asked her about Cacee Cobb moving in. Jessica said it was only for a short time and that they ALL had a blast. She said Nick and Cacee are best friends as are Cacee and Jessica. The DJ was like did that not go over well because rumors are saying it didn’t but Jessica said they all had a blast and it was like ‘Three’s Company’.”

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3 thoughts on “Jessica Simpson Refutes Marriage Trouble After Pal Moves In

  1. nanda_ho says:

    is it me or people are tired of this dumb ho? I mean no news about her lately

  2. galleta says:

    Never let another move in with you and your man if you want to keep him.

  3. Comics says:

    I agree,the worst you can do is let your best friend hang out with you and your man!

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