Jessica Simpson Reluctant To Take Nick Lachey’s Last Name

A source close to tells In Touch Weekly magazine the singer is reluctant not only to have children, but to take hubby Nick Lachey’s last name, fearing it could hurt her career. “Any couple in the early stages of marriage will have difficulty balancing the need for individual success with establishing a ‘we’,” noted relationship expert Rochelle Adams. “But Jessica does a really good job incorporating Nick.” And Nick’s mother Cate Reinert added,” Plus, they adore each other. You can see it when you watch them onscreen.”

Pal Says Nick And Jessica’s Marriage Is In Trouble

May 9, 2004 – A friend of Jessica Simpson and star tells Globe magazine their marriage is in trouble. “The honeymoon is definitely over,” the pal revealed. “Having TV cameras follow them around for months for their MTV reality show, ‘Newlyweds’, has taken a toll on their marriage. It seems like they’re always fighting and bickering – but most of their personal battles go on behind closed doors. They try to show a united, happy front to the world, but the stress of her success, their workload and their jealousies are taking a terrible toll.”

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7 thoughts on “Jessica Simpson Reluctant To Take Nick Lachey’s Last Name

  1. PandaBear2003 says:

    Nick HAS NEVER NEEDED JESSICA! Try the other way around, SHE NEEDED NICK to get in the public eye, she STILL cannot stand on HER OWN TWO FEET WITHOUT HIM. And no matter WHAT anyone says, Sweet Kisses sold BECAUSE OF NICK, Irresistible BOMBED because SHE WAS ALONE, In This Skin sold BECAUSE OF NEWLYWEDS AGAIN ALL BECAUSE OF NICK! NICK has the talent NOT Jessica, NICK will survive just fine WITHOUT her, she on the other hand will drop off the face of the earth when Nick WALKS!

  2. real_deal_xtina says:

    I hope Nick finally leaves that dumb ass… I don’t blame him for being jealous, she can’t keep her hands off her tits when she sings. that should be left in the bedroom. but I guess as long as minister daddy approves. how is she supposed to have a marriage with her daddy in every picture. if you look at the diva show red carpet, daddy was right behind them. no respect for nick. oh please nick, leave that attention loving freak alone. believe me, you can find better. she will continue to humiliate you.

  3. EvanescenceSucks says:

    I always thought the girl taking the guy’s last name was kind of weird. Why does it always have to be the girl taking the guy’s name? Also, I like having a last name that represents my ethnic heritage… it would be weird to me to take, say, a French last name when I don’t have a drop of French blood in my body! Just my opinion, though.

  4. Fairycute7 says:

    I wonder why she didn’t take his last name. They used the wedding vows everyone else uses because Jessica said “there is something romantic about knowing so many couples for years had done that.” So why not take his last name? Couples dot hat all the time. I think its romantic and it makes it complete in my eyes. I couldn’t imagine not taking my husband’s last name. Its her choice though. I think its sweet that Courteney Cox at least hyphenated hers.

  5. PandaBear2003 says:

    A LOT of celebs hyphenate their last names, Courteney did it until her father passed away and then she went back to Cox professionally to honor him but first expressed these feelings to David and his family and they agreed it was best to do. Soap stars hyphenate their names. In fact one hyphenated hers for about 6months to a year to give people the chance to get used to her married name and from then on went by her married name only. Its just very FISHY when she not only refuses to take his last name, she refuses to have joint accounts. She LIED when she stated they JUST opened a checking account to whichever mag she was talking to when discussing the pregnancy rumors because she told Regis and Allure that she did NOT have a joint account she wanted her money separate. Smart move because contrary to what HER People want everyone to beleive she is NOT getting endorsements. Ther chicken of the sea 3 million deal was A LIE they do NOT WANT her associated with it for fear of poor sales. She is NOT doing anything except for Desserts which is NOT a $3 million deal to pay back the $3 million she OWES Sony. And Her album may have SHIPPED two million she has NOT SOLD 2 million so she is NOT making the money that way to get out of debt. By NOT having joint accounts, NICK IS NOT responsible for HER DEBTS! Its also funny how whenever MTV cameras are around they are “LOOKING” happyish, yet when they aren’t around MANY people have reported them being angry, and not happy and not speaking, and making those rumors about a breakup look more and more realistic. MTV IS FAKE, Joe Simpson stated so himself in People, he SETS THEM UP that is NOT reality that is STAGED, SCRIPTED BS to make people BELIEVE they are happy when they are MISERABLE. They are FAR from in love. I’ve seen TONS of people look HAPPIER than those two have EVER been and photos that are NOT CANDID DO NOT COUNT, anyone can smile when told to. Doesn’t mean it’s sincere happiness and joy.

    If she’s NOT taking his name legally there is ONE REASON. The marriage IS NOT LEGAL! A LEGAL marriage you automatically get your husbands last name whether you want it or not, you can CHOOSE to change your personal accounts and stuff to his name or keep them in your maiden name but legally you’re know by HIS Name. If Jessica is LEGALLY Jessica Simpson, the marriage IS A FRAUD!

  6. BadAss4Backstreet says:

    Um, ok…. Jennifer Aniston is legally Jennifer Pitt….. Faith Hill is legally Faith McGraw….. Those are the only two that come to mind…..right off…. I think Reese Witherspoon is legally Reese Phillipe, but I don’t know that for sure…. You can still go by your maiden name when on stage, but take his name legally!

  7. YeahWhat says:

    Why get married then if you don’t want to change from two people, to a one person union? That’s what marriage is. Otherwise, stay as boyfriend and girlfriend. And yes she can be Jessica Lachey and still go on stage and movies as Jessica Simpson. It could be a stage name, like 50 cent is to Curtis Jackson.

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