Jessica Simpson Rivals Julia Roberts In ‘Dukes’ Role

Owen Gleiberman of Entertaiment Weekly reviewed Jessica Simpson’s big-screen debut ‘The Dukes Of Hazzard’, giving the film an impressive “B+” rating. Gleiberman writes, “Jessica Simpson, with skin as tawny as melted caramel and a smile of joy to rival Julia Roberts’, turns Daisy into a vibrantly luscious comic tease. She’s Little Fanny as the world’s most self-mocking Hooters waitress, and it will be no surprise if Simpson’s star keeps rising long after she has hung up her short shorts.” Read more.

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8 thoughts on “Jessica Simpson Rivals Julia Roberts In ‘Dukes’ Role

  1. AGUILERAFAN says:


  2. ajbswimmer08 says:

    LOL the movie got a critic rating of a c- and a user rating of d-… I normally like Jessica, but she is a horrible actress… Im from the south and her accent sounded so fake! AND SHES FROM THE SOUTH! I was so disappointed in her! In the whole cast! Johnny Knoxville should stick to Jackass (even thought its canceled)… Jessica WILL NEVER BE JULIA ROBERTS though… Julia Roberts is a screen legend, Jessica cant act or entertain at concerts… I have to admit Britney puts on a good show BUT jessica has a stronger voice… Brits the better entertainer but neither Brit or Jess are “artists” id say Britney is more of an artist than Jess cause she writes her own music/lyrics…

  3. weebongo says:

    Jessica’s movie made more in its first week then Brit’s did in its entire run. Jess is on her way to becoming an A-list actress, another few huge openings like this and she will be.

  4. Aphoto says:

    I’m neither a Britney or Jess fan. But, I wanted to comment on a couple of statements. First of all it wasn’t Jess’s movie, it was an ensemble cast. I think ‘Jackass’ fans went to see it for Johnny Knoxville, and ‘American Pie’ fans went to see Stifler/Seann William Scott. Also, from what I read earlier on the board, (I did not go see the movie) Jessica wasn’t in the movie all that much. So, how can anyone call it “Jess’s movie”. We’ll, have to wait to see if Jessica can actually carry a movie. I’m thinking that once she does a starring role, her box office will not be as significant. I really don’t think she as A-list actress potential… Secondly, can we please look at what came out this weekend? Of course ‘Dukes’ was going to be #1 at the box office, did anyone really think ‘2046’ was going to take it? Or that ‘Wedding Crashers’ were going to hold strong for three straight weeks?? Now onto this schmuck that calls himself a ‘reviewer’, he does a great disservice to Julia Roberts. Although, she is not the best actress out there. I believe that she has a quality about her that is not easily replaced. She is more then just a pretty smile. She is an ‘Oscar’ winning actress, that deserves and commands respect. Jessica will never command respect the way Julia does.

  5. babyphat67 says:

    I wonder how much Warner Brothers paid for that review. I don’t think the reviewer was implying that Jessica could rival Julia Roberts’ acting abilities, he was simply stating that she has a nice smile (what Julia Roberts is known for).

  6. jazzprofounder says:

    I don’t get what’s the big deal about this Daisy Duke character. It’s not like she was some dynamic, in depth, and inspiring character, she was just an innocent girl next door who happened to be wearing short shorts. It doesn’t take a big actress let alone great acting skills to play a character like Daisy Duke.

  7. Cabati says:

    Exactly what I was thinking. She’s A-list, and probably will be even more so now, but not as an actress. I didn’t see the movie either but just the clips I saw on the commercial are enough to make me not want to see it. Her accent is over done and the whole character is so completely affected. Also, the reviewer definitely didn’t compare her to Julia Roberts in any other way except for her smile. The title was definitely misleading, I’m sure it was paid for somehow.

  8. ajbswimmer08 says:

    Actually it didn’t… CROSSROADS made 37million over all and wasn’t released in as many theaters… Jessica is hardly even in the movie… If you saw it you would know that she was such a bad actress that she screwed up a part that small… THERE WILL NEVER BE ANOTHER JULIA ROBERTS

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