Jessica Simpson Says September 11 Has Changed Her Focus

The Seattle P-I talked with ahead of her concert at the Stadium Exhibition Center in Seattle on Monday where she admitted she’s dropped her recently adopted dance focus saying, “For me personally, it changed my focus. Because I suddenly thought, ‘Oh, my gosh, I’m about a voice.’ And that’s really what I want to be doing, less dancing and more singing. I want to inspire people and I want people to listen to my music and be moved.”

As for her next album due next year, Jessica said, “On the next album, I hope to write at least 90 percent of the songs. I’ve been working with other writers and learning the craft of songwriting.”

Controversy At

December 7, 2001 – Contributed Anonymously:

Another controversy has broken out at Jessica Simpson’s official website. Alongside Maxim, you will also be able to see Jessica on the Feb./Mar. 2002 issue of Complete Woman with the bottom of her breasts exposed amongst the headlines “Sex Tricks Only Lovers In The Tropics Know,” “Saturday Night Fever A Lovers’ Weekend He’ll Never Ever Forget,” and “Hot Bachelors You Can E-mail Today.” Fans have posted their discontent over her cooperation with the magazine, but the posts are being deleted.

Jessica Shrugs Off Eye Trouble For Performance

December 6, 2001 – Contributed by JSimpsonFan1:

According to Jessica Unlimited, is currently suffering from eye trouble as a result of her contact lens use. According to news on the fansite, when Jessica took the stage Tuesday night at a radio show in Syracuse, New York, she was sporting a pair of sunglasses and had to be escorted to a stool on the stage to perform her four song set. She is apparently suffering from ulcers on and around her eyes. Jessica addressed the crowd about the situation by saying, “If you have to wear contact lenses, wear the kind you throw out.”

AJessFriend Hiding Jessica Secrets

November 29, 2001 – The spokesperson for and her family, AJessFriend, has been posting messages recently that not only suggest the singer will be launching her own clothing line, but may be fishing for hints on what to put on what I’d assume to be a 2002 Christmas album. After asking what designers Jess would be a good match with, AJF said, “Thanks for all the good comments. As soon as I get the okay to reveal it, I’ll tell you who the manufacturer is.” …Developing.

Jessica’s Racy Video Diary Link Pulled

November 9, 2001 – The link to Jessica Simpson’s latest video diary was pulled after a flurry of negative responses due to the sexual nature of her Maxim photoshoot where the photographer is instructing Simpson saying, “Open your legs, that’s it you got it.” Later asking the busty Simpson, “Arch yourself out more.” Still later, the photographer says something to the effect of “feeling you up” that many on her official site’s message board interpreted as “Pretend that someone is feeling you up.”

Jessica’s Latest Video Diary Upsets Fans, Fuels Critics

November 7, 2001 – Jessica Simpson posted a video diary update on her official website which shows the singer being instructed by a photographer to spread her legs and arch her back to the seemingly non-interested Simpson. Jess also talked about her upcoming plans and the show a brief clip in the studio. As for reaction to the photo shoot, fans were blasting her and Joe as being sellouts.

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