Jessica Simpson Supports Iraq Invasion

Jessica Simpson has weighed in on the U.S. led invasion of Iraq. She tells Us Weekly, “I support the president. You can protest all you want, but we are already at war. People should pray for the troops and show support. They’re trying to bring us peace. We should respect and honor that.”

Jessica Simpson’s ‘Forbidden Fruit’ Leaked

March 11, 2003 – Contributed by Musicbuff:

Today, long-time friend of the Simpson family, AJessFriend, confirmed that ‘Forbidden Fruit’ is a newly recorded song by Jessica Simpson which was leaked onto the internet and will “probably” be included on her new album. Many on her website feel ‘Forbidden Fruit’ is very similar to ‘Irresistible.’

Two New Jessica Simpson Tracks

March 6, 2003 – Contributed by WaneJessicaSoSoDef:

Two new Jessica Simpson tracks have appeared on the net, titled ‘Forbidden Fruit’ and ‘Superwoman’. Unfortunately, their isn’t any clips available on fansites just yet, you have to join and listen to the ‘PromoSquad Jukebox’ which they are currently in rotation at.

Caresse Henry Hired To Co-Manage Jessica Simpson

February 6, 2003 – reports Caresse Henry, who has managed Madonna’s career for the past 12 years, has joined Jessica Simpson’s dad Joe as co-manager for the multi-platinum Columbia Records artist, currently in the studio working on her third album, due out late spring. Said Henry: “I see the tremendous talent of Jessica Simpson and believe that she has a long music career ahead of her. I look forward to working with her and evolving her as an artist.”

PONY Super Bowl Bash

January 28, 2003 – Howie Dorough from the Backstreet Boys, Chris Kirkpatrick, and Lance Bass of *NSYNC, Nick Lachey of 98 Degrees, Jessica Simpson, and Kylie Bax were amongst the stars at the Super Bowl XXXVII – PONY, Girls Gone Wild and Super Bowl Celebration on Friday (January 24) in San Diego, California.

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One thought on “Jessica Simpson Supports Iraq Invasion

  1. WoundedSoldier says:

    Too bad Jessica didn’t live up to what she preaches while in Iraq… she was rude to our troops and stand-offish.
    The one who should be receiving the credit for supporting our troops was Nick who would at least wave to them and smile.
    The troops I talked to after the show said the USO would be doing them a service by NOT allowing Jessica Simpson to waste their time again.
    I have a real problem with “STARS” who go to visit our hero’s just to score with the media.
    Because she also acted the same way the year before at a show she was supposed to do at Ft. Bragg, she was booed off the stage and had beer thrown at her… I would have thought she would have learned from that experience, but apparently not.
    I guess some people never learn.

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