Jessica Simpson Taking Nick Lachey Breakup Hard

While dining with CaCee Cobb and friends at Meson G in Los Angeles on January 5th, a source tells Us Weekly that Jessica Simpson “tried to put on a good face, [but] she kept bursting into tears and going into the bathroom to cry throughout the meal.” A friend of the ‘Dukes’ star said, “Of course she’ll get upset from time to time. It is a difficult time for her.”


January 14, 2006 – Neil Sean of Sky News reports that plans on a single life reality show after her marriage to ‘Newlyweds’ partner Nick Lachey failed. “I like the idea as it could be empowering to women to show that life goes on after a marriage,” Simpson said. “It’s something I plan to make a success of in 2006.”

Jessica Simpson’s Black Eye?

January 12, 2006 – has obtained a photo of Jessica Simpson, taken Wednesday night (January 11), as she left the trendy Los Angeles Sushi restaurant, Sushi Roku. The photo appears to show the ‘Dukes of Hazzard’ star sporting a black eye.

Update: A top Hollywood beauty expert who wished to remain anonymous told that Jessica Simpson’s black eye could be a result of some botched Botox.

Jessica Simpson’s Praise For Fans

January 12, 2006 – ‘The Insider’s People’s Choice special correspondent Lara Spencer caught up with backstage following her biggest night since she and Nick Lachey split up. “My fans have stuck by me 100 percent,” Jessica told Lara about all the support she has been receiving. “You know, even though it’s disappointing, whatever I’m going through … they have been there to hug and embrace everything about me and about him and about what we represented and about what we still represent!”

Papa Joe Loves No Matter What

January 12, 2006 – Backstage at Tuesday night’s People’s Choice Awards, Jessica Simpson revealed to ‘Extra’ that she is doing okay after her split from Nick Lachey, and working to get through this difficult time. “I have a lot of amazing people who surround me and fans who let me know it’s not all over,” she said. And what about Papa Joe? “He really just supports my decision,” Simpson said. “As a dad, whether he agrees or disagrees, he’s still going to love me no matter what.”

Jessica Simpson Discusses People’s Choice Award

January 11, 2006 – Jessica Simpson, who won a People’s Choice Award for Favorite Song From a Movie for ‘These Boots Are Made For Walkin’, sat down with CBS News’ Hattie Kauffman. Simpson talked about going to the grocery store and browsing through the tabloids, what she thought about getting ribbed by the show’s co-host George Lopez, and more. Video at has since been removed. Check out a full list of music winners, which included Kelly Clarkson for Favorite Female Performer, at

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4 thoughts on “Jessica Simpson Taking Nick Lachey Breakup Hard

  1. ficklefan says:

    Somebody please punch this idiot, please. It’s bad enough that we watched the trainwreck that was Newlyweds. Do we really need to see her and her crazy family again on television?

    She needs to stop with all the dramatics, she wanted out so she could party with her yes people. She’s just crying because she can’t really party the way she wants because she still has protect her image. When will these tabloids get with the program and STOP reporting about this idiot, she’s not interesting anymore!

  2. galleta says:

    Oh please this is just publicity to make her look human after all the bad press about her total lack of sympathy, and her bratty like behavior.

  3. popmaster167 says:

    I think this is simply beating a dead horse, apart from stating the obvious. The whole Nick Lachey/Jessica Simpson divorce thing is old now, until some juicy stores perhaps start flowing its not really worth the attention. And of course Jessica’s going to be crying, her marriage and relationship with someone who she at least loved and cared about to some extent or another has ended, not to mention they spent the last few years living together. Most people do cry & go through a period of depression as a result of that, there’s no shocker or story there.

  4. Erie321 says:

    I’d cry too if I lost half of my $$$’, ‘Because SHE didn’t want a prenup in the beginning (probably because Nick was the main breadwinner), she has basically screwed herself now!! California state law entitle him to an even half of everything they have.

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