Jessica Simpson Talks New Album, Marriage & Reality Show

Jessica Simpson was on ET on VH1 to talk about her forthcoming album and being married to star Nick Lachey. Her marriage is about to become a reality series and Simpson is so psyched about being a wife, she’s singing all about it on her new album. Jess is anxious to unveil her new style and introduce her more mature sound. “I’m not doing any choreographed dance moves because that was never really me,” she said. “That was just what was hot then, you know, and now it’s great because the music industry is really in a place where it’s all about talent and it’s a breath of fresh air for me because I actually get to show off what I can do.”

The labor of love took almost two years to make. “The album’s called ‘In This Skin’,” she said. “It’s all about being me and um, you know, just what I go through in life and what I’ve been through and there’s a lot of songs about love because I’m in love.”

Of course Jessica found inspiration in husband who convinced her to turn her words into music. “Nick did inspire me to write, period,” she insisted. “And I got to write the record which has been a phenomenal experience.” Married since October, the newlyweds are enjoying the little things. “It’s like a big slumber party. Nick and I had never lived together so it’s so fun to like go to sleep together and wake up together. It’s even fun to like clean toilets together, you know.”

Fans can watch Jessica and Nick do much more when their new reality show his MTV this August. “We have cameras following us wherever we go,” she said. “Our fans will really love it because they’ll see us going into the studio. They’ll see us going on tour. Cameras aren’t in our bedroom, no. No. Sorry. Ya’ll don’t get to see that! Thanks ET for coming by the studio. I’ll see you guys really soon. Check out my music.”

Two New Jessica Simpson Birthday Photos

April 26, 2003 – Contributed by jessfan:

Check out two new photos from Jessica Simpson’s birthday party at A testimonial from Nick Lachey, who set the party up for his wife says, “Signature Soirées did an outstanding job of taking my every request, down to the last detail, and turning them into reality. I wanted Jessica’s birthday party to be special and memorable. The chef prepared the meal exactly as I had dreamed, leaving nothing unaccounted for. The decorations were extravagant and the coordination was flawless. What a bang for your buck!”

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