Jessica Simpson Upset With Ashlee After Nose Job

Star magazine reports Jessica Simpson was not happy after learning her younger sister Ashlee Simpson had a rhinoplasty procedure by famed Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Raj Kanodia. “Jess was furious Ashlee was having her nose altered,” a source close to Jess revealed. “She said the last thing she wants is her little sister looking just like her.” The insider added, “The older Ashlee gets, the more competitive the sisters have become.”

Jessica Simpson’s Rep Tries To Poach Britney Spears?

May 3, 2006 – The New York Daily News hears that Jessica Simpson’s rep Rob Shuter recently tried to pry Britney Spears away from BWR’s Leslie Sloane Zelnik by going directly to the pop tart’s management team. A source said, “The E-mail basically said, ‘To whomever. Re: Jessica Simpson’ as a subject heading, and then something like, ‘My name is Rob Shuter, I represent Jessica Simpson. I hear Britney is looking for a public-relations person, and I’d love to have a meeting.’ I hear the response from Britney’s management was pretty much, ‘Untrue, and we’re very happy at BWR.'”

Jessica Simpson Rumors Simply Cook-ed Up, Comic Says

May 2, 2006 – Dane Cook tells the Boston Herald reporter Sean McCarthy that he and ‘Employee of the Month’ co-star Jessica Simpson would pick up the celebrity magazines in between film shoots to devour news about their alleged on-set affair. “It was like “reading a comic book,” Cook told McCarthy.

Jessica Simpson Buys Groceries And Shows Off New Wares

May 1, 2006 – Jessica Simpson and her hairstylist friend Ken Paves stocked up on essentials like tortilla chips, wine and Sprite on a recent trip to a local LA supermarket. The singer/actress also bought herself some roses and took advantage of the paparazzi to promote items from her shoe and handbag line. has since removed the video.

Jessica Simpson Outside Beverly Hills Gym

April 30, 2006 – Jessica Simpson was photographed heading to her Beverly Hills gym Wednesday (April 26) to work things out. Sources close to her tell People magazine that the singer was “surprised and upset” about ex hubby Nick Lachey’s interview with Rolling Stone. “She was heartbroken.”

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