Jessica Simpson Upset With Rolling Stone Portrayal

Steppin’ Out magazine interviewed Jessica Simpson, who says she was betrayed by the Rolling Stone writer Vanessa Grigoriadis who “was nice to my face and then stabbed me in the back” with a cover story that probed her musical career and her marriage to Nick Lachey. “She made half the stuff up,” Simpson complained. “It reminded me of my younger days, when girls would hate me because they wanted to be in my shoes… She said that Nick is a father figure to me… I have a great father already, thank you very much.” The lies don’t stop there, adds Simpson: “She also said my house was puny… My house isn’t puny!”

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5 thoughts on “Jessica Simpson Upset With Rolling Stone Portrayal

  1. Kizzardkid says:

    Jessica probably doesn’t even know what puny means, and this seems to be happening to every pop star, First Christina with YM, then Britney also with RS, and now Jessica, you know maybe they are all *****es. I love Christina, but I think she can be a ***** sometimes, but I don’t hate the girl, more power to her.

  2. weebongo says:

    She’s not that dumb if she knows what puny means. Christina and Britney could be guessing all day about the meaning of that word.

  3. rangergirl says:

    Poor Jess, saying the reporter made stuff up… yeah right. She’s a shallow ditz.

  4. PandaBear2003 says:

    Jessica NEVER seems happy with MOST Interviews she has SO WHY DO THEM? And NICK HAS STATED SEVERAL TIMES it’s father/daughter NOT Husband/wife that’s FIRST OF ALL, second IT’s NOT A LIE, and third, JESSICA NEEDS a venue to B.ITCH and Complain ALL THE TIME. Get out of the D.AMN SPOTLIGHT HONEY if you CAN’T TAKE THE HEAT!

  5. blue_angel604 says:

    I thought Rolling Stone portrayed her really well….a ditzy dumb blond. She has admitted herself that she’s ditzy. She needs to go back to high school.

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