Jessica Simpson Visits TRL

stopped by MTV’s Total Request Live on Wednesday to premiere her new video ‘Sweetest Sin’, talk about her new reality show with hubby Nick Lachey of 98 Degrees, and talked about growing up with her sister Ashlee Simpson, who was VJ’ing on the program as well. Read on for a rough transcript.

Oh, yeah. Your number 10 video kicking off the countdown, the girls of Lillix, back on the countdown. Time to bring out our guest today. Ladies and gentlemen, last time we saw her, well, she was still single for one. Now she’s living the married life. Give it up for the very beautiful, very talented, miss Jessica Simpson.

[ Cheers and applause ] Come on over here. How are you?


Good to see you. Welcome to the beach house.

Thank you. It’s so good to be here. The weather is amazing.

I wanted to make a point of this, we all went to dinner with Ashlee and your friends and my friends. There’s a lot of female singers that come out here. They look good in their video. They’re still good looking but you beautiful in person, beautiful on television.

Thank you.

[ Applause ]

Congratulations on the marriage.

Thank you.

Both albums of which come out the same day. Right?


One is the video for “Sweetest Sin.”

That’s mine.

The other is for your husband, Nick Lachey, called “shut up.”


Are you guys competitive at all?

No, we’re not competitive. It benefits both of us to be successful. I’m here to premiere his video today and mine. It’s going to be exciting.

So you’re not making sure your video is better than his.

Well, you know, I want it to be better, of course. I have him in my video. He doesn’t have mine in his. So mine’s better. I’m kidding. But he has little girls dancing around him. That’s not always fun to watch. But i have him dancing around me in my video.

We talked to a lot of other celebrity individual couples on the show. They say traveling together is really important to the relationship. How do you and nick go about working out your schedules?

We have is a rule. We have to see each other at least like twice every two weeks. That’s our — i mean — i know, i know, that sounds weird, because we’re married and all, but our careers are like really important to us right now. And we just have to work really hard and we’ve not known a relationship out of the public eye. And we’ve not known a relationship that hasn’t been so crazy busy. So it’s just normal for us.

If you need inspiration, just look to the ring on your finger.


This is the biggest ring I’ve ever seen in my entire life.

[ Cheers and applause ]

He did good. He did good.

He done good, your husband right there. I’ll talk with in just a second. Let’s see if Ashlee is able to spread some dirt on you.

I can shed some dirt on her.

We’ll do it after your next request, number 9, Nelly, “shake ya tail feather,” “trl.”

[ Cheers and applause ]

There goes Nelly featuring P. Diddy, number 9, “shake ya tailfeather.” Down here at the beach. Ashlee, are you willing to dish some dirt about Jessica?

Are you kidding me? She thinks she has dirt on me. But I definitely have some dirt on her.

All right. We’re going to take our first break. When we get back, more with Jessica Simpson. Hanging out with Damien. The fun continues when “TRL” gets back. Don’t move.

[ Cheers and applause ]

Checking out “TRL” and the number 8 video you requested, Mya, “my love is like woah.” Mya, by the way, coming to “TRL” to celebrate her album release very soon. Stay tuned for that. Welcome back to the show from the Hamptons. How we feeling? Ladies and gentlemen, kids in the pool, all right. There’s going to be a rash after tonight. Okay. All right. Hanging out here with Jessica Simpson. You enjoying the beach house, life out here in the sun?

I am. Everybody has so much energy. It’s amazing.

[ Cheers and applause ]

They do. They do. They’re excited you’re here. We already talked about your March marriage a little bit. To celebrate your honeymoon, you poked your husband. Remember that, Nick Lachey? He spins the entire earnings he earned from 98 degrees on this ring and you poke him.

Every day he has at least 20 people come up to him, you got “punk’D.”

That’s actually a smart idea. We’re taking a look at this now, him getting “punk’D.” We looking at that right now? This is when Ashton comes out and stuff.


What did he say after this?

I think that nick was just like, it was like, whoo, he was glad it wasn’t a reality.

So you set this up kind of.

Well, kind of. It was believable for me to have like the white trash third cousin thing.

[ Laughter ]

See, I don’t know. It doesn’t fit for me.

I have family in Podunk, Texas. There’s my southern accent coming out.

I’ll take you to Virgil’s in New York.

I love that place.

Have some hush puppies, we’ll do it. Nick grabbed dax from “punk’d” and put him in his new video.

He did. He’s one of our friends. After he “punk’d “punk’d” us, we became best friends. Oh, just like this.

That’s nice. His new solo video, by the way, Nick Lachey, it’s called “shut up.” We’ll get to that in just a minute. Back to the countdown. After hosting last week, she looked like she was headed to number one. Slips two spots today, Ashanti, this is the video, “rock wit you.”

[ Cheers and applause ]

Video number 7, lovely, talented, beautiful. Ashanti at number 7, “rock wit you.”

How many times does she say “oh, baby”? Does anybody know? Nick tried to count it and I think it was 27 times. Just a little trivia information for you.

Your sister has got noon a lot of trouble this some summer. I don’t know if he is tells you about her little escapades.

She tells me e everything. No secrets.

Has she always been like that growing up?

She’s always been the type to make my parents bite their fingernails.

Last night she was doing impressions.

She’s good at that.

Let’s talk about “the newlyweds,” your reality show coming up on mtv. Tell us what this is all about.

You’re basically going to see the way nick and i live and we literally have cameras with us from 8:00 in the morning till we go to sleep. And we’re mic’d the whole time. There’s a lot of embarrassing stuff that happens.

I think nick and you and i think perfect marriage, nothing ever goes wrong.

No. It’s not perfect. No, it’s not perfect. You’ll see our big blowout fights which are always really shallow and really stupid. You’ll see us fight. You’ll see us make up, not too much.

Okay. Right.

You know?

It’s MTV. It’s not Cinemax.

You’ll see everything. You’ll see us in the studios.

Anything you really loved that you think people will be talking about after they watch it the next day?

There’s lots of embarrassing moments where my mom and i laughed too hard and i peed my pants once. Yeah, it’s really bad. And nick is like a neat freak, total neat freak, and i am the messy, sloppy one. I’ve always been taken care of and he’s always taken care of himself. So there’s that adjustment there that’s really, really funny. And i spend way too much money and he doesn’t spend any money. So there’s that adjustment. And there’s just lots of funny laundry stories, you know, me ironing my clothes, which is not a good thing.

Right. And then the garage door opener incident where you couldn’t figure out that the —

You have to tell everybody?

You’ll see it. When the show airs, you’ll see it. It’s really fun.


It’s bad.

We’re about to premiere your husband’s video.


How do you feel about this?

I am so excited to show you guys nick’s video. I feel more excited than he would, I think. Just because I’ve been there with him through the whole experience.

Why don’t you go ahead —

Yes. Everybody, you got to vote for my husband’s video. I don’t care if you vote for it more than mine, because we both have the same bank account.

[ Laughter ] Kidding. Here’s the premiere of Nick Lachey “shut up.”

Well done. Well done.

[ Cheers and applause ]

And there you have it, the “TRL” premiere of Nick Lachey “shut up.” First solo video for him without the guys in 98 degrees backing him up. What did you think about that?

I think it’s great. I think Dax is absolutely hysterical.

Time for another quick break. When we get back, it is Simpson V. Simpson. They’re going to dish dirt on each other. It could get ugly. Blonde hair flying everywhere. And we’re going to show you the “TRL” premiere of Jessica’s new video, too. You’d be crazy to leave right now. “TRL” is coming right back.

[ Cheers and applause ]

Hey, welcome back to “TRL,” a sunny day here in the Hamptons. Doesn’t get any better than this. Take a look. It really does not get any better than this.

You’re so sweet.

Ashlee Simpson, Jessica Simpson. The Simpson sisters. Are there any more of you?

No, Damien.

Tell your mom to make more!

This home for you.

What’s this? Me taking you off my buddy list. That’s what this that is.


Thank you very much. We thought it could would be fun to dish the dirt on each other. I’m going to run through some topics and you guys let me know which of you it was, Jessica or Ashlee.

Oh, no. Here.

Here you go.

I’m going to stand in the middle. All right. Who is daddy’s princess? This is to Jessica.

You know this one.


Ashlee, who’s always — who’s the one to always cry first?



Everything’s me.

Dude, you —

That kind of ties into the daddy princess thing.

I have very sensitive moments but i try to be tougher.

I cry at everything.

Like movie and stuff.

I’m overemotional.

Who used to get more guys’ phone numbers prior to the marriage.

Absolutely Ashlee.



Over every night she’s come home with a new phone number.

[ Cheers and applause ]

I like boys. I like boys.

And she likes them older, i hear. That’s just what i hear.

We’re definitely moving on at this point. Who spent more time in the bathroom, Ashlee?

Oh, gosh, definitely her.

I don’t know.

No, no, growing up, Jessica, i did my — i never did my hair out of high school. You wore cowboy jeans that you had to take tweezers, pliers, whatever to pull zip them up.

Who slept in the latest?

Oh, definitely her. Oh, definitely her.

Are you kidding me.

Nowadays, nowadays, nowadays I sleep in later. But growing up, it was definitely.

You think?

I tried to wake you up one time, one morning and you were like —

I strangled her.

And you were like, no!

Catfight, catfight. Come on, guys. Catfight. Let’s see them go at it. We just made some really Emmy-award winning television right there. Thank you Jessica, thank you, Ashlee.

I love you, Jess.

Neither with one of us get embarrassed.

I thought you were going to say, in the bathroom.

She stinks the bathroom up. I’m kidding.

Number 6, Michelle Branch, “are you happy now?” Nice job.

[ Cheers and applause ]

I love the way that video was shot.

Oh, yeah.

Michelle branch right there, number 6, “are you happy now?,” Up a spot on the counseled. Zeal to see if that one can retire.

It’s been stuck in the middle of the countdown. Get some votes in. Sway recently bought caught up with the boys b2k talking about their new movie. So let’s see what he got from them. Take a look.

That’s right. What’s up, world have this is sway coming to you from our home base in times square so while you guys are playing in the sand, I’m back home doing real work. That’s right. Let us begin. Now, it looks like b2k are going Hollywood. Let me explain. All four guys are starring in a dance film “you got serve.” And that’s due out neglect year. And “karcht boot” is a movie about a group of teens that go to boot camp and get scared straight. B2k may be linked to one of the biggest names of the game. A bad boy if you will. They’re going to appear in a sci-fi flick along with the one and only will smith. And in case you didn’t know, namia is the word human spelled back words. I gave you that one. Take that, take that. My man Snoop has really been busy lately. He’s on the remix of p-I-m-p with 50 cent. And he’s making you laugh right here on MTV. And that’s not it. Snoop is not done. That’s right. He just confirmed rumors that he’ll be hooking up with none other than P. Diddy himself. And all those Snoop — although snoop and puffy are keeping everything on the down low, Snoop managed to throw MTV News a bone recently.

Make it happen so I’m just trying to stay alive and doing what I do best and that’s making music and making people dance. I’m down with puff like that. That’s my dog. I’m dawn with him. I won’t to drop in on you right now. I’d rather get it done and let you know slowly but surely.

I don’t know if that’s possible. But I’m not mad at you for trying.
All of you, stay tuned to find out. Back to the guys play act the beach house in the sand surfing on the waves while I’m here doing real work.

[ Applause ]

Thanks a lot, sway. I love seeing sway. That’s my baby, baby.

That’s my boy right there. And is standing by with the “TRL” premier of her new video. First let’s get into the top five and the dude that they’re calling the velvet teddy bear, the lovable, huggable, we’re talking about Ruben Studdard. He’s climbing up on the countdown. What name would you like to dub this man?

Cuddle bear.

All right, daddy. Here he is, big papa right here, Ruben Studdard, “flying without wings.”

[ Cheers and applause ]

Number 5, Ruben Studdard. Flying without wings right there.

That’s beautiful.

We’re about to premiere your newest video called “sweetest sin.”

I’m so excited.

What can you tell bus it?

Well, you know, love making, actually. That many went not making of this. No, it’s the new Jessica, because I’m married now, and I’m allowed to be sensual and — i mean, you know —

Let’s get in the pool.

But I still want to have that, like, all-American thing that every girl wants to be my best friend.

The vibe is still flowing through there.

Yes, that’s who i am. But with my new recording everything is a little bit more sensual and beautiful and romantic. I’m a woman now.

If I don’t go to the video now, I’ll probably say something I’ll get
fired for. The premiere of my new video.

Did you say your new video?


You just want to be me. Everybody, this is my brand-new video, I’m sew excited to premiere it for you guys. It is the “sweetest sin.”

[ Cheers and applause ]

You got the “TRL” premiere of this lady right here, Jessica Simpson. It’s called “sweetest sin.” You want them to vote for. Right?

Yes. And please vote for nick’s video, too.

Jessica, thank you so much for stopping by. Big round of applause for Jessica Simpson. Say hello to nick for us. Okay?

I will. Everybody vote for our video. Has there ever been a married
couple on “trl” together?

I’ll get back to you on that. We got take a break first.

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  1. jazzprofounder says:

    These celebrity sisters have it so easy. Brit’s sister, Christina’s, Beyonce’s, and J.Lo’s sister are in the spotlight just because they are related. Do they have talent? Are they worth watching? I dunno. All I know is that they will only be famous or known for being related to their famous celeb sister.

    Jessica Simpson is okay. I am not impressed by her voice though, it’s nice and pretty, but eventually gets kinda too boring for my ears. Nothing special in my opinion. Her new music video is nothing close to being porn…it’s too cute, soft, and boring. It’s not like they were completely nude in the video anyway. Seeing them make out is kinda sickening for me to watch, and seeing them all snuggled together in bed (half naked) like kittens is just hilarious to watch. But at least they are a decent couple that’s not overdoing the sexuality image to their fans.

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