Jessica Simpson Vows To Never Go Camping Again

caught up with Access Hollywood to explain her stance on bringing her designer Louie Vuitton bag camping with husband Nick Lachey of as part of their MTV ‘Newlyweds’ show. “Camping is something that I will never do again,” Jessica said. “You know camping is for some people, but I personally like to take showers.”

She added, “I did not realize that taking my Louis Vuitton bag would be such a big ordeal. I just use it as my toiletry bag. I got it five days before the trip and I didn’t want to leave it at home. I wanted it close by my side.”

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2 thoughts on “Jessica Simpson Vows To Never Go Camping Again

  1. shadybaby says:

    Just by that you can tell that she’s just a stuck up *****’Is this chicken or tuna I have?’ does that sound like the saying of a successful artist to you, enough said

  2. Izzy says:

    I always thought Britney was a bit dim in the brains department…Jessica definitely is the rightful title holder. It’s sad that a 20 something year-old woman acts and thinks like a toddler, and she actually thinks it’s cute.

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