Jessica Simpson Was Relaxed On Her Wedding Day

While looking back on the year, told that she had a stress-free wedding day with 98 Degrees star . “You know, it’s hard not to get stressed out, but I was the most relaxed bride, and I think that made me enjoy it so much more,” she said. “I remember every single detail of my wedding day. A lot of people have to go back and watch their wedding video to remember things because they were so stressed out, and I remember everything. I just let myself have fun–I put the stress in other people’s hands.”

The story at has since been removed.

Nick Lachey Explains Candy Corn To Jessica Simpson

October 29, 2003 – Contributed by ballersfantasy:

Earlier in the week Jay Leno was talking about the plans some celebrities have for Halloween. He went on to say Nick Lachey of 98 Degrees had to explain to wife Jessica Simpson that candy corn was not a vegetable.

Nick Lachey And Jessica Simpson’s First Anniversary

October 29, 2003 – Us Weekly spoke with ‘Newlyweds’ Nick Lachey of 98 Degrees and Jessica Simpson on their 1st wedding anniversary which occurred Sunday (October 26). The pair were in Atlantic City where Simpson recorded a concert for Donald Trump’s 2004 reality show. “I’m not familiar with Atlantic City, so I’ll have to do a little investigating, but we’ll make it special,” Lachey said. Jessica added, “I wake up early, and I don’t let Nick sleep, because I don’t like to be alone.” As for working on the special day, Simpson added, “Being with Nick is all I really care about.”

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