Jessica Simpson’s Daisy Duke Shorts

Contributed Anonymously:

I wanted to let you know what I noticed, maybe you’ll agree. I’ve seen pictures of Jessica lately and her back side is kind of flat. Especially some pictures where she is wearing this big jean cut offs with a black and white stripe shirt. I saw a completely flat butt, but in the Dukes pictures she has a butt, I don’t know you but I think those Daisy Duke shorts are padded. It wouldn’t be the first time Hollywood put inserts in clothes to make the actresses look good. And actually the shorts look weird on the bottom like they were stitched .I bet you her shorts are padded but of course, will she admit it? She looks great! Don’t get me wrong. But a bootylicious Jessica, no way far far far from it. PS in they have a close up picture of her butt wearing the big jeans cut offs to her knees and the stripe shirt. After looking at it you will agree with me.

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