Jessica Simpson’s ‘Magic’ Credit Card

Us Weekly quotes star commenting on his wife Jessica Simpson’s spending habits. “We’re still working on the credit card,” he said. “She thinks it’s a magic card… We’re working on the concept that you have to actually pay for it.”

Shines In Short Concert

October 27, 2003 – Scott Cronick of the Press of Atlantic City reviewed Jessica Simpson’s concert at the packed Trump Taj Mahal Casino Resort’s Xanadu. Cronick writes, “Simpson proved to Atlantic City on Saturday that she is a dynamite vocalist who has both a killer range and a super-powerful voice. The stunning long haired blonde, dressed in tight jeans and a black tank top, sang her heart out for the few songs she sang.”

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2 thoughts on “Jessica Simpson’s ‘Magic’ Credit Card

  1. DolphinLuva81 says:

    Now don’t get me wrong, I’ve always had respect for Jessica. But after watching her show, she’s really starting to annoy me. She always seemed like a sweet, can-do-no-wrong kind of girl, but now she seems stuck up,and helpless,like she can’t do ANYTHING for herself. It makes me wonder why Nick puts up with her. It’s almost like he’s the father and she’s the daughter. And I really hope she’s not as dense as she portrays herself on TV. I guess she really was raised by “a pack of poodles”, or is acting dumb for the money. Who knows.

  2. Fairycute7 says:

    I kind of agree with that^ I like her and I think she is so funny and pretty but your “pack of poodles” statement is so hilarious and seems like it might be true!

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