Jessica Simpson’s Message To Fans

posted a ‘Jessica’s Corner’ update on her official website on Wednesday. She writes, “Hey everybody! I just want to thank all of you for being so supportive and loving towards me as an artist and as a person. I want all of you to know. It is important to me to sell albums and do well as a music artist but more importantly I want to be a person. Someone you can laugh with, cry with, love with and smile with. I want each of you to feel special and loved by me through my actions in my daily life. This is why I love doing ‘The Newlyweds’ because it gives you an opportunity to relate to me. Thanks for all the support of the show.”

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4 thoughts on “Jessica Simpson’s Message To Fans

  1. famefan says:

    “I want each of you to feel special and loved by me through my actions in my daily life. ” Is that why she keeps people waiting outside in the blazing heat and the freezing cold when she shows up for signings and concerts 30 min. to 90 min. late?? Is that why she BLOWS OFF meet and greets when not enough of her fans show up to satisfy her vanity??? LOVE?!? I thought it was inconsideration, disdain and lack of respect not to mention ingratitude.

  2. PandaBear2003 says:

    “Beautiful Husband, Beautiful family and beautiful fans” I guess BEAUTIFUL is Jessica’s NEW word of the day since she USED it so goddamn much. She is such a joke and that post was SUCH a bunch of CROCK!

  3. Mickielicious says:

    She doesn’t want it because she will never attain what Britney has. When Britney started out 4 years ago, she was singing in SHOPPING MALLS. Last time I checked Jessica has still been singing at the mall. I think you get my point people.

  4. Musicbuff says:

    That must be why they were cleaning up the board last week, banning people and deleting all negative posts so the board would be clean for her highness’s visit.

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