Jessica Simpson’s Priority

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started her career telling Tommy Mottola that she wanted to be a good role model. But it seems that those plans have changed unless she just wants little girls to be superficial. It seems that Jessica only care about fame and fortune. Wasn’t music her calling? Well, right now anything that can get her $$$ and fame seems to be her calling. First a beauty line that she said she was very involved with but in her Newlyweds show she asked what is one of the products for. Then movies and next exercise equipment. It is sad that you have to lie to your fans so you can get more popular.

Ok, ex. lets say I’m a singer and I need a sponsor for my tour, in return I’m going to have to say that I use those products and all the little fans are going to run and buy them. Sounds like Jessica Simpson & Proactiv? In Jessica’s makeup artist says that Jessica loves Shiseido which is a very pricey brand. But of course Proactiv is sponsoring the show so you have to sell them some products.

Why is Jessica all about money and brands and getting richer? She is exploiting the moment, and a reality show can destroy careers because it makes you a trend and when the show is off air then no one cares anymore. Why would you say “honey bring my L Vuitton in? Wouldn’t you say honey bring my luggage in? I guess materialism has always being a part of her since she told a magazine a long time ago that she used to buy clothes leave the tags on wear them to school and the return them.

Sorry but what she is portraying is not good role model material like she wanted to be. Artist aren’t role models, parents are. But in this case Jessica herself wanted to be a role model. And please can someone tell her to stop talking about herself as an A celebrity and super star. To be humble is one of the greatest qualities in a person.

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