Jessica Simpson’s Remix CD Selling Poorly

Jessica Simpson 'This Is The Remix' album cover

Contributed Anonymously:

Jessica Simpson’s latest offering, ‘This Is The Remix,’ has sold very poorly and hasn’t even surfaced the Billboard charts. The CD is selling as low as $8.99 at and only has sales of 4,000 copies.

FWIW, while I know her CD isn’t selling well, I personally don’t have access to Soundscan or figures so I’m not sure where the person submitting this # got his/her info.

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6 thoughts on “Jessica Simpson’s Remix CD Selling Poorly

  1. dragonzNpiano says:

    I never knew she had a remix album released and what a total loser only selling 4,00 copies. Anyway don’t buy it because it probably sucks.

  2. leftofcenter says:

    That’s because there was zero promotion. Some of you didn’t even know she had a remix album. I’m a fan but even I think it’s a waste of money.

  3. dum_BLONDE says:

    Okay yeah, I didn’t even know she was releasing a remix album until I came across the title for this article and was like ‘WTF?!’. The fact that a few of the users on this site–including myself–didn’t even know she was putting out this cd shows that maybe she should talk to her agent about a little more promotion!? Plus, she’s had like what…5 or 6 singles?! How the hell do you get a whole cd out of 5 or 6 singles, unless you pull songs that even been released and just randomly remix them? I definitely think this wasn’t a very smart move on her part as far as this whole remix thing goes, and it just proves that her career is slowly fading away…either that or it’s gonna take one HELL of a follow up album to pull her back on the charts. But then again, getting her to make a good quality album could take like a year or two so, I dunno if it’s really worth the wait. Looks like her and Nick will be living a very normal, down to earth lifestyle after they’re married considering their careers are both on the downfall!

  4. JellieBean21 says:

    I guess she was trying to follow J.Lo, P.Diddy and JD’s footsteps but it ended up being a total flop. I didn’t even know she had a remix album out because I work in a record/music store and I never saw it in stock.

    Well at least she and her 98 degrees guy have something in common: fading careers.

  5. MyKE says:

    The 4,000 is only Re-read the article. However, I didn’t know it was out, which is odd, since Popdirt & all those pop magazines would’ve reported on it…as would MTV. And it should’ve had a lead-off single (if only a megamix only played in clubs). Not saying I’m really a fan, though.

  6. Izzy says:

    No one promotes any of her crap because she tries way too hard. She does not have her on style. She has been trying to be Britney for way to long. Brit dyes her hair…so does Jessica. She tries to dress like her. Personally, I cannot stand Jessica Simpson. Her career hasn’t taken off for good reason. She should have stuck with the Christian music scene. She couldn’t even make it in the Christian music scene because she dressed like a damn ho. Flashin’ that bald clam at numerous shows with her skimpy outfits.

    But, she does have a good voice just very poor guidance. If she were smart and wanted to be catapulted into the same level as Whitney, Mariah, etc. she should stop dressing like a freakin ho (virgin my ass…anyone that takes the time out to have their clam waxed ain’t no virgin) and start dressing classier and singing classier songs. Remember Mariah in her golden days before she started dressing like a teenager. Jessica has taken the low road that is why her career is at a dead end.

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