Jessica Simpson’s Starstruck Introduction To Johnny Depp

During Jessica Simpson’s interview with Rachael Ray airing Monday, the singer revealed that she has a thing for a certain celebrity, and recalled their first meeting. “I made a fool out of myself in front of Johnny Depp,” Jessica admitted. “Dane Cook and I hosted the Teen Choice Awards and Johnny Depp made this surprise appearance and I was struck. I said all the wrong things and I ended up saying, ‘Okay, I’m gonna shut up now and walk away.’ I said it right to his face and it was so embarrassing.”

Speaking Too Soon About Film Project

October 10, 2006 – Though said on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ last week, “I’m going into doing another movie with Luke Wilson called ‘Blonde Ambition’,” a source revealed she may be speaking too soon. Wilson’s rep told Star, “This project is in talks.” And a source added, “Luke Wilson will never do a movie with Jessica Simpson.”

Used To Tabloid Speculation

October 7, 2006 – In a press junket to promote their new film ‘Employee Of The Month’, Jessica Simpson and Dane Cook addressed gossip that they are dating. “I’m just used to it by now, it’s just kind of a part of my life,” she told a reporter, adding, “Every guy that gets within 5 feet of me is automatically linked to me.” Cook added, “Yeah, she’s been my wife for 2 years now.”

The footage at has since been removed.

Jessica Simpson Talks With Seattle’s KISS 106.1 FM

October 7, 2006 – Jessica Simpson was on the phone with Jackie & Bender of KISS 106.1 FM in Seattle on Friday (October 6) to promote her new film ‘Employee Of The Month’. Simpson talked about being nervous for the film’s release and it being a bit unpredictable at the box office, Bam Margera’s claims, her dad’s Ferrari accident, and all the talk about her sister Ashlee’s new look. has since removed the audio.

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