Jessica Simpson’s True Skin Secret

Dermatologist Dr. Vail Reese on his blog is questioning the crediblity of Jessica Simpson, who now claims in commercials for Proactiv that their product cleared her skin, contrary to earlier claims crediting the prescription medicine Accutane. “In my experience… the beneficial results from Accutane for cases of persistent cystic acne are clear,” Reese writes. “Proactiv, on the other hand, might work for mild cases (the ingredients, benzoyl peroxide and glycolic acid, are available over-the-counter at any pharmacy). It seems that Simpson is no longer giving credit to the treatment that really helped her skin.” Read more.

Chats With Q100

August 2, 2005 – One of the stars of ‘The Dukes of Hazzard’, spoke with The Bert Show on Q100 in Atlanta about the rumors of her affair with co-star Johnny Knoxville, as well as how rumors like that even get started. She also talked about how she changed her body for the role of Daisy Duke.

Audio at has since been removed.

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2 thoughts on “Jessica Simpson’s True Skin Secret

  1. BadAss4Backstreet says:

    Jessica Simpson used Accutane? IS SHE FREAKIN’ NUTS?!? I had something a few years back that two dermatologists vowed that it wouldn’t go away without accutane…and believe me, I wanted rid of it!! HOWEVER….if you read possible side effects to taking it…..HELL no! You have to be on two forms of birth control before they’ll even give you the drug because it causes SERIOUS birth defects, could pretty much affect all of your internal organs in a BAD BAD BAD way, in addition to being thought to be the reason more than one person has fallen into such a deep depression that they end up killing themselves….. To each his own, but if anyone wants to take this now that they know she has….do your research. Yes, it leaves some great results…in those that survive it. But the possible side effects just aren’t worth it in my opinion!

  2. lilla says:

    lol I used roaccutane a few years ago, best thing I ever did. its controversial as hell yeah but its the only thing that works from my experience. all u have to do is wear sunscreen and don’t get pregnant, simple! most ppl only need to be on it for 6 months anyway and its permanent. I had to be on it for longer because my acne wasn’t just oily pores, it had a deeper cause but now its gone :D I was depressed (teen angst) before I went on it tho and I’m fine now

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