Jessica Won’t Be On ‘That ’70s Show’ Anymore

Contributed by leftofcenter:

According to AJessFriend, a moderator at Jessica Simpson’s official message board and personal friends of the Simpsons, Jessica will not be appearing on anymore episodes of ‘That ’70s Show’ as previously scheduled. This is what he had to say:

I found out today that the other two episodes that were scheduled to include Jessica were to be shot next month, close to wedding time. Therefore, Jessica will not be making any more appearances on the show.

Real World’s Melissa Meets Simpson & Stares At Wade

September 26, 2002 – Melissa from MTV’s ‘The Real World’ was at the Shaqtacular event on Sunday, where she spoke with and saw Wade Robson. On Jessica, she said, “I know that she’s very positive and Christian and I was asking people about ‘bad behavior’ and she said she didn’t really behave badly. She said she reads Us Magazine, and that she thinks that’s bad. I guess for a celebrity, reading that magazine is the equivalent of a RW person reading a message board dedicated to hating RW.”

As for Wade, she commented, “I got into a weird staring match with him. I just kept thinking, ‘I bet he has Justin’s cell phone number and holy sh**! I am basically ten small digits from stalking Justin for real, for real.’ I didn’t want to seem like a user. I will have Justin in due time. Victory will be mine.”

At Shaqtacular VII

September 22, 2002 – Contributed by leftofcenter:

September 21st, kicked off the ‘Shaqtacular VII’ Pre-Games Ceremony by belting an emotional Star-Spangled Banner. She finished with a breezy, crowd-pleasing pop number. For more info on what this event’s about, visit Jessica had her hair pulled back and was dressed in a sporty outfit.

Ashlee And Jessica Simpson On TV This Week

September 16, 2002 – On Monday, September 16, Ashlee Simpson debuts on on the season premiere of ‘7th Heaven’. It’s on the WB Network, 8:00PM, EST. She’ll be playing a potential love interest for Simon. Then on Tuesday, September 17, we find her sister Jessica Simpson on the season opener for ‘That ’70s Show’, as Annette, a love interest for Kelso. The show airs 8:00PM, EST on the Fox Network.

Jessica Simpson And ‘That ’70s Show’

September 15, 2002 – Contributed by leftofcenter: had pictures of Jessica from the ‘That 70’s Show’ season premiere commercial. In the last two pics she’s pouring water on herself to tease Kelso played by Ashton Kutcher. There are also 3 new caps of Jessica from the ‘That ’70s Show’ episode: Going To California. This is the first episode of the season. The show premieres this Tuesday night. The fan site has since shut down.

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