Jessie Malakouti Preps For Shut Up Stella Tour

Jessie Malakouti, Kristen Wagner and Fan_3 of the music group Shut Up Stella

of Shut Up Stella checked in with fans on the trio’s blog at MySpace on Wednesday (July 18) with the following message:

Ok I had to blog about this…

So tonight I saw Courtney Love play a free concert at The Roxy… Totally Random and last min, (Wish I knew more in advance because Fan really loves her-sorry girl) and after the first 30 seconds I completely understand why… she is such a bad-ass! Smoking a ciggy in one hand ever so delicately, while strumming the fu** out of her guitar with the other. How she held the chord down beats me, but somewhere in between she managed to… like I said, TOTAL BAD-ASS…

Okay, my point is that watching her got me SO amped for our up-coming tour, yes, I said TOUR. The girls and I are starting rehearsals next week to get ready for a sort of “mini Cali tour”… In late August/early September. We’re planning on playing LA, SD, OC, IE, etc.. maybe do a few shows in San Fran, and possibly even Vegas :) So get ready Bitches! Malakouti, K-Wags, and Fan-Threezy are getting ready to rock your world in the flesh!

We’ll post dates and details as we get them…

So don’t forget to spread the word SHUT UP STELLA IS MY SH**!


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