Jet Drummer Gives His Account Of Lily Allen Run-In

Jet drummer Chris Cester spoke with in a Q&A, where he joked about having a secret crush on in wake of their now infamous run-in in Australia, where Lily threw a bottle at Chris after he reportedly flicked a cigarette at the ‘Smile’ singer. “No. I think she’s in love with me, though,” he said. “She followed me around at the Big Day Out, giving me sh** in that kind of flirty way. I’m not stupid, I know when that’s happening. It was surreal, though, because she was still being really rude at the same time. She basically just never stops talking. When she’s doing a big TV show or something she’s prim and proper. Then, when she’s backstage with the boys, she’s acting like a man and just pitting venom at everyone and anyone that will move. But anyway, crushes? There was this pretty gorgeous girl at an Italian TV show that made everyone in the band have their jaws on the floor.”

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