Jet Setting Kelly Clarkson Missing Mom

is jetting around the world promoting her debut album and staying at the best hotels, but she just wants her mother. “I’m looking forward to a couple of days off and my mom is coming down to Sydney,” she told The Daily Telegraph. “I haven’t seen her for about four months and I’m just looking forward to hanging out with her and getting pampered, I miss her so much.”

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5 thoughts on “Jet Setting Kelly Clarkson Missing Mom

  1. Tig says:

    yep, who cares, her 15 minutes as a Reba/Mariah copy-cat is getting old.

  2. mel_melanie says:

    Who asked you if you cared or not if you didn’t care why in the world would you click here. Kelly rocks.And what? her 15 minutes of fame..lmao…she’s just getting started, you are stupid.

    Oh and another thing Reba/Mariah copy cat? How in the world is she a copycat..that’s the thing she isn’t.

  3. SpiceSquirrel says:

    Hey mel_melanie, are you still pining for Advil or did you get over her? She’ll only break your heart, sweetie!

  4. mel_melanie says:

    oh SpiceSquirrel I’m so glad you care.But question how stupid you really are? you are a stupid child and you have a sick mind.

  5. SpiceSquirrel says:

    I’m sorry mel_melanie, my little pumpkin, I was just looking out for you! Advil is sleeping with her band members! I didn’t want you to get hurt! But I see that I’m too late! She’s already hurt you and made you bitter! How dare she hurt my little mel_mel!

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