Jewel Discusses Her New Album

posted a message to fans on her official website regarding her forthcoming album ‘Goodbye Alice in Wonderland’, set for release on May 2nd. “‘Goodbye Alice in Wonderland’ is no fairy tale, but still a strange tale indeed; it is the story of my life – from the extreme solitude of Alaska, to my first trip to Hollywood,” the singer writes. “From my rise to fame, to the cliche crisis of betrayals by those closest and most dearly trusted. This is the most autobiographical album I have made since ‘Pieces of You’, and I spent alot of time sequencing it, so that each song sets up the next, like a novel with a begining, middle, and an end. By the end of the 13th song, if you have listened closely, you will have heard the story of the sirens song that seduced me, of a path I both followed and led, of bizarre twists and turns that opened my eyes, forcing me to find solutions so that my loss of innocence would not lead to a loss of hope until, ultimately, the path turned back on its self, leading me closer to where I began; a ranch, this time in Stephenville, Texas, where I find myself delivered from the magic forest. Not broken, just more myself.”

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