Jewel On ‘Goodbye Alice In Wonderland’, LA, Working Less

Singer songwriter Jewel sits down for an interview to discuss her new album 'Goodbye Alice in Wonderland'Yahoo! Music is featuring an interview and performance with Jewel, as the singer prepares to release her new album ‘Goodbye Alice in Wonderland’ on May 2nd. Jewel talked about the role that the difference between dreaming and pretending played in the album title, taking a raw and emotional turn with the CD’s contents, avoiding life in Los Angeles, and her conscious decision to start doing less work.

Talking about the reasoning behind the album title, Jewel said, “I titled the record ‘Goodbye Alice in Wonderland’ because a lot of the songs explore the theme of trying to find the difference between dreaming and pretending. The difference between an informed optimism and a naive ignorance. I think what a lot of people call optimism is just a hide your head in the sand kind of syndrome, but it’s actually a fine line. The record is also a story of my life, it chronicles my life from Alaska up to living in my car to sort of becoming famous in a sort of wonderland-esque adventure it’s taken me on and ultimately finding out for myself what’s real and what isn’t in that.”

Singer songwriter Jewel sits down wearing a yellow dress to talk about why she started doing less work, freeing her self up to have a more normal life‘Goodbye Alice in Wonderland’ took a different direction than her prior work, though not to the degree her previous effort ‘0304’ did. “I knew I wanted this record to be pretty raw and pretty emotional,” Jewel said. “It was going to be much more autobiographical than some of my past records. In my mind I saw this record as a bookend to my first record in a lot of ways.”

Talking about her quiet life in Texas, Jewel said, “You know it’s really funny, my whole career people always told me you need to move to LA, you need to schmooze, you need to network. I don’t have the talent for it. I’ve never been good at it. I don’t have the patience for it. I’m very shy. I’m not really great at making smalltalk. I just don’t enjoy it I guess at the end of the day.”

As for the 3-year gap between albums instead of the 1 or 2 year spacing between her prior work, the singer songwriter said it wasn’t the result of a creative funk. “I really started to change my own goals about five years ago,” Jewel explained. “I started doing less work. I started outputting less. In a lot of ways I don’t, it sounds bad, but I just don’t care in a way that I really used to. It’s freed me up to be a person and have a live and even have a love life, which a lot of people in my position don’t. For me I knew I wouldn’t be happy. I wouldn’t be able to look on my deathbed and think 25 million sold. Take me Jesus. I was like, what’s the quality of my life. Why am I spending my off days trying to get more money and more famous? I didn’t care about those things and I looked at how fulfilled I am creatively. I’m already pretty fulfilled.”

Video of the interview and performance of ‘Again And Again’ has since been removed.

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