Jewel Takes Writing Very Seriously

Jewel music checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace (@jewel) on Wednesday (July 28), discussing her tricks of the trade and how she always is pushing herself as a songwriter and expand her boundaries to multiple genres of music. The 36-year-old writes:

I live in Texas because I think it keeps me grounded. I did not want to get distracted by fame or believe in my own hype. The worst thing for a writer is to become arrogant. When you think you know everything, you can’t listen, and if you don’t listen you don’t learn, and if you aren’t learning, you are starving the one thing a writer needs most. I push myself to learn all the time. I read a lot and watch the world around me so I can keep growing as a writer. Most songwriters quit writing well in their 20s. Yet most novelists are the opposite – they do their best work in their 50s and beyond. I think a lot of that has to do with the lifestyle of these two groups.

I take writing very seriously, and it has been a goal to be more than just a ‘hit’ artist, but to be one that produces great writing and who grows as a singer and writer. That’s why I have pushed myself so hard to expand my boundaries. To write pop, country, rock. To explore dance, to write poems and short stories and fiction. I won’t let my creative life be stifled by genre or formula or any boundaries.

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