Jewel Talks About The Band She Had With Sarah Palin

In the exclusive premiere of ‘Betwixt The Music’, tells the story of the band she formed with Sarah Palin and what led to their eventual break up. “Did she steal from me,” Jewel says in the clip. “Years before she ever did it in real life, did I happen to write a song called ‘Shooting Wolves (From Helicopters)’? I inveted those catchphrases that she says, like pallin’ around, goin’ rogue, you betcha. Just look at my book of poetry, you’re gonna see a lot of Sarah Palin ‘originals’.” Watch it below.

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One thought on “Jewel Talks About The Band She Had With Sarah Palin

  1. Tawny Jones says:

    Way to go, Jewel. When your career(and other assets) starts to sag, latch onto Sarah Palin and get your name back in the headlines. She never fails.

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