Jewel Visits ‘The Late Late Show’

visited ‘The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson’ last night. She discussed her name, the new album, what she’s become disillusioned about, her boyfriend Ty Murray retiring from the rodeo, growing up in Alaska, what she likes to read, and living on a range, raising cows. Read on for a rough transcript.

Craig: My first guest is one of the best singer-songwriters around.
This womb is lovely, so talented. Her latest album is in stores now. Take
a look at her in action.

Try to let us show us the way look me in the eye this is do-or-die will
you say enough there is no giving in there is no giving up in love craig:
Please welcome jewel everybody.


Craig: Hello lovely jewel. That’s a lovely name, jewel.

Jewel: Family name actually.

Craig: Are there people in your family named after precious metals.
Is anyone named coal?

Jewel: No they were coal miners.

Craig: Coal is a diamond waiting to happen. You are really lovely, aren’t
you. What does the title mean?

Jewel: The record deals with sort of the fantasy and fairy tales that
are told as we grow up and you discover the truth and how do you do that
without becoming disillusioned.

Craig: Do you mean santa?

Jewel: I was told to avoid the subject with you.

Craig: That hea i problem.

Jewel: This record isn’t necessarily for you.

Craig: You are like the world’s most mature 12-year-old. What stories
do you think you are told as a young girl that aren’t true? What have you
become disillusioned about?

Jewel: I think there are a lot of things if you say love is a great
example. We are told we grow up and fall in love. And most of you that
fall in love, that’s when life gets really hard. You keep thinking prince
charming will come along. You are saying why am i fighting.

Craig: Did you write this song when you were having a fight with your
boyfriend? Rodeo this.

Jewel: I am jewel.

Craig: Do you play the harmonica?

Jewel: I don’T.

Craig: That’s a lovely instrument. Craig: Isn’t your boyfriend a rodeo

Jewel: He is.

Craig: Do you do a lot of horse riding?

Jewel: I grew up doing horse riding. He is retired now. 32 is when he

Craig: Do you have to retire young for that?

Jewel: He retired on top. That’s getting a little old.

Craig: You say you grew up in a range in alaska. I pictured alaska full
of fat, drunk bears eating pizza. Are there horse ranges there?

Jewel: My family were swiss imigrants that came over during the second
world war. I was raised like in the 1800s with no electricity and no plumbing.
It’s just up there are a lot of people with no plumbing.

Craig: Were you surprised when you came across television and canned
goods. Were you freaked out when you moved out of that? Were you like paul
hogan in crocodile dundee?

Jewel: I took a train across the country and hitchked all through mexico.
I wrote my first song save your soul. What we call the lower 48. It was
very eye opening.

Craig: Isn’t it 49?

Jewel: Down here it is the group.

Craig: Have you ever been to hawaii?

Jewel: I lived there for a year.

Craig: I like hawaii. They have all of this fresh produce and all they
want to do is eat fried spam. That’s smart. These are my kind of people.

Jewel: I had an aunt that’s a currentle in the marine corps.

Craig: You have this very exotic background. My family all wrote songs
and read. All of my siblings writes songs and plays guitar.

Craig: You had a book of poe tree out. Are you a big reader? Reading?

Jewel: I like to read.

Craig: No television. You have to do something. What do you like to

Jewel: I read the classic it is and went through that. I got into poy

Craig: He’s a bit of a drunk, he’s a bit of one.

Craig: Not a bad life, really.

Jewel: He said I feel so hung over it feels like my — is a sparrow
dying in the snow.

Craig: We will never know what that has to mean.

Jewel: I have never been that drunk , have you?

Craig: Many times. It is more like a large turkey dying in the snow.
A large turkey dying of tue berk lose. That’s aovely image isn’t that?
What to you like? Do you prefer the hawaiian temperature or the rurals
— do you live in a rural place?

Jewel: We live in texas. The weather gets a bit warm. We have a really
large range. He raises cows.

Craig: Beef or dairy?

Jewel: Mother calf. We have cows we keep and they have babies and we
sell the babies.

Craig: They like burgers. They don’t come from the burgher tree. They
have to know the truth. Do you have a little fur bikin i or anything?

Jewel: Only ty can tell you that.

Craig: God bless him. It’s lovely to talk to you. Jewel, everybody.

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