Jewel’s ‘Punk Rock Angel Girl’ Debuting This Fall On Nickelodeon

spoke with MTV News about her new animated project, ‘Punk Rock Angel Girl’, which the singer/songwriter has created the concept and wrote the first episode and drew the title character – whom she also voices – for the series airing on Nickelodeon. “Punk Rock Angel Girl, or PRAG, she’s just a teenager,” Jewel explained. “She’s a punk rocker, but what I call punk rock is getting angry with a cause. A lot of the show is about anger as a transformational, useful tool. There’s a difference between pent-up aggression that’s randomly expressed – that’s just confrontational with no thought behind it – versus positive anger, thinking for yourself and making tough decisions.” Read more.

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One thought on “Jewel’s ‘Punk Rock Angel Girl’ Debuting This Fall On Nickelodeon

  1. The World Jewel Forum says:

    Any update on this project? Is it dead or will it come back?

    The World Jewel Forum

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