Jill Sobule: Katy Perry Comments Were In Jest

is clarifying her comments about in an interview with Therumpus.net, which some reported a profanity laced tirade over Perry’s version of ‘I Kissed a Girl’, when she actually made the remarks in jest. Sobule writes:

It all started with an interview I did for one of my new favorite blog sites: Therumpus.net — a semi-obscure but hopefully growing arts and cultural website. It was one of the more interesting interviews I have ever done, as I was actually asked, engaging questions for a change. However, the interviewer had to ask the annoying yet inevitable “What did I think of the Katy Perry version of “I Kissed a Girl?”

I thought maybe this time I would have fun with it and goof on what many of my fans were hoping to hear over the last year. I prefaced my reply with a wink, and then rambled on with a string of over the top dumb-ass profanities, purposely out of character and completely in jest.

Check out the entire story at HuffingtonPost.com.

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