Jimmy Kimmel Grills Carson On Bedpost Notches

Carson Daly was put under the gun today by Jimmy Kimmel in preparation for his new late night talk show on ABC. Jimmy quizzed Carson on which celebrities he’s seen naked. He did say yes to longtime girlfriend Jennifer Love Hewitt, though said no to Tara Reid. Carson also said no to and hesitated a no to Christina Aguilera, which brought a laugh from the crowd. Read on for a transcript.

Jimmy: Welcome back this is a very special practice edition of Jimmy Kimmel Live and my special guest i think you know him as a VJ but we’ll get to know him as a man, Carson Daly.

Carson: Oh, here we go.

Jimmy: Hi, Carson thanks be for being here.

Carson: Thanks. Congratulations on the new show. I’m very excited to be here.

Jimmy: As you see we went all out and brought this rubber plant and these pencils don’t come cheap and of course this attractive mug somebody left in the kitchen they stuck out here but great to have you on the show thank you, an honor

Jimmy: What goes on with you a all these girls?


Carson: What do you mean.

Jimmy: You have some kind of problem or can’t get enough what goes on with you and all these women.

Carson: I like girls a lot I got a lot of friends that are girls.

Jimmy: Let me go through this list and you tell me if you have seen that person naked. Are you ready?


Jimmy: Tara Reid.

Carson: I haven’t but apparently this man over here has and a few other guys I imagine.

Jimmy: Britney spears.

Carson: No.

Jimmy: Christina Aguilera.

Carson: Uh no. [crowd laughs]

Jimmy: Well.

Carson: Come on we’ve all seen her naked

Carson: Right, exactly


Carson: Yes

Jimmy: Whitney Houston

Carson: Yeah (joking)

Jimmy: Your own mother.

Carson: Yeah, I have actually

[Crowd simultaneously] Oh.

Jimmy: So you are in the new movie, I understand, porky’s what do you bring to that not brought.

Carson: I’m not in it.

Jimmy: Any anecdotes from the set.

Carson: I’m not in the movie.

Jimmy: Certainly you and your co-star Ashton Kutcher must have done funny things in that movie.

Carson: He may have been in that movie but I’m not

Jimmy: Back to the list you tell me if you’ve seen them naked or not Beyonce Knowles.

Carson: No.

Jimmy: First lady bush.

Carson: No.

Jimmy: Rikki lake.

Carson: No. Get out of here.

Jimmy: You’re sweating hanks to my guest Carson Daly. See you tomorrow night with Pete Townshend and the Olson Twins.

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