Jingle Ball Nick Carter Experience

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In_the_Ocean82 from the forum at LiveDaily.com writes:

First of all Nick he was sooooo out of his world! man I was laughing my a** off, here it is:

I got to the Hard Rock at around 11 am (yes I waited 8 hrs in line) but it was all worth it baby. I was like the 8th person in line and I knew I was gonna be front row (it was room standing only) so u know I had to be there early. I was hoping to see a glance of Nick, I said to myself “hey maybe he’ll stop around, say hi” eck nothing happened. We were sitting right in front of one of the doors man it was soooo annoying, they kept on opening and closing the doors and brining equipment in, I dunno how many times I had to move the door was next to the stage so we could hear Nick’s souncheck. One of those times somebody left the door open and we well just snuck in lol, we were so close so close, but we didn’t want to risk our chances of being in the concert so we got out of there. The leaving the door open thing didn’t happen once but many times hehehe, we were trying to hold the door open so we could hear something.

Anyways so they opened the doors at 7pm and we just ran! I got to be in the front! Man half of the acts sucked, it was mostly rock and then we got this bsb/nsync wannabe boyband, they couldn’t sing for s* but they kept on pulling their shirts off and grinding so everybody screamed. To tell u the truth it was a waste of time!!!. Angie Martinez was awesome, she rocked the house, but it took her about 40 min to come out! we were all sitting there falling asleep, at one point I did fell asleep hanging from the bar lmao. pple were taking too long to get the stage ready. Then we had to wait some more for Nick, man he kept on teasing us, they were doing a little bit of a sound check and he kept on saying “Check Check” on the mic and talking to the band. At that point we were all chanting “we want Nick,we want nick” that was exciting. So this little girl introduced him, and there comes nick. Ok pple I almost peed on my pants just because i have never ever ever seen nick that close ok, he was like 3 feet away I could touch him! lol. I was standing there with my mouth half open, he just looked so damn good! he was wearing black pants with a black shirt, his hair’s kind of long and he had it down (not spiked up)

I don’t remember which song it was, but they had this inflatable (sp?) santa claus and snow man right on the stage, and I kid u know that man kicked the crap out of those poor thing lmao, he was so hilarious, he kept on head banging and jumping and falling on the floor. I was like calm down dude, you’re gonna pull a muscle or something. At one point somebody threw a thong on stage, first he laughed his ass off, then he grabbed it and put on his head WTF?. Then he said it was hot and asked if we wanted to get wet, ofcouse we said yes, he grabbed a bottle of water and pour all over us, omg I got wet by nick (my teeny moment), he kept on coming to my side and at one point I could see his eyes!!!!! they were so blue lol that was awesome. I dunno he kept on looking at me too *faint*

When he was about to sing “DIHTCFY” he said the sweetes thing I have ever heard, I don’t remember much but he said “Is there anybody out there that has a bf or gf, and u know sometimes us guys screw up and say things we don’t mean, but we still love you no matter what, sometimes we pay for those mistakes by crying, so tonight I’m gonna cry for you, do u want me to cry for you?” awww maaaannnn I just wanted to hugh him.

At one point he was grinding and turned around and shaked his ass like there was no tomorrow.

This is one of the things he said I just loved hehehe, right after he kicked the crap out of the poor things. “I told y’all to bring protection tonight cause I’m gonna rock your world” ok being the nasty minded that I am, I thought of something else, but let’s leave it at that Anyways this is getting long, he just rocked, it was out of this world and we wanted more dang it!!! ok that’s it. phew


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